very slow internet on 2nd pc

  krsna 11:06 12 May 2004

I have 2 pcs connected by NICs and cable and I used to be able to use internet on both using BT broadband, but recently the client pc has become very slow when trying to surf on it. The host pc is working very well. On the client pc if I go to the google site that is ok but almost any other site all that happens is that it times out. It is the same if I try and get email on my client pc it just seems to time out. I have changed the cable but no change.I have gone through the networking wizard. I have carried out Ping tests on both pc's and they seem ok. Like I said it used to work superbly.If I connect the client pc to the broadband via USB, internet works fine, go back to the LAN & it is slow. I checked the LAN "local area connection status" & it is in connect with Bytes sent 4,777,300 Bytes received 366,114, the rec bytes should be a lot higher? Both pc's use XP.Any ideas what I could do next?

  matt1234 13:03 12 May 2004

it might be your bandwith

  krsna 13:05 12 May 2004

It used to work very well when I first set it up over 6 months ago.

  vinnyo123 13:33 12 May 2004

I assume your using ICS (router)(firewalls)(Check IP's)?

Did ya try cleaning cookies , temp files(google) , history. via tools internet options?

can you ping outside LAN Example ?

some thoughts hope its helpful

  krsna 15:29 12 May 2004

The 2 pc's are connected by a crossover cable no router. I have deleted the cookies, temp files no difference.
I am not sure of ping outside LAN, but I can get the google homepage & do search with results but almost all other sites I get nothing.

  krsna 11:59 14 May 2004

I have found the problem, if I turn off the XP firewall on the host pc the client pc internet is able to surf well again. So what can I do about this because I should really have a firewall on.
I might install zonealarm but that might also cause problems on the client pc?

  mackaycc 13:32 14 May 2004

I have zonealarm installed on a similar setup and it works fine. It picks up on the network for you and places it in the trusted zone. There may be a similar option in the XP firewall where you can specify the IP address of the client PC and place it in a trusted zone. Not sure though because I dont use the XP firewall.

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