VERY slow IE but FAST connection and PC! Why???

  Garawa 10:50 19 Feb 2010

Today and yesterday have suddenly seen IE slow dramatically from previous fast browsing. The internet connection is showing as 3.3Mbps, the processor is on about 10% and the rest of the PC is normal.

I have ran NIS2010, Adaware and Malwarebytes - all show as nothing found. I have deleted everything in the browsing history cache and have manually deleted whats left in prefetch and temp folders. None of this has altered the speed at all. It takes 2-3 minutes to load a page and when viewing forums like this it can take an eternity to read each post. (I will be copying this as I doubt it will send first time). I often get a "IE cannot display the webpage message" and have to try several times.

The only thing that has changed is that I downloaded Audacity (whilst the internet had started to slow and the download was shown as safe by NIS) and this downloaded at normal speed so it seems to be regarding viewing pages. I have 2 large reports to submit by this evening (at present I can't get in because of this!) so any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  MAJ 10:55 19 Feb 2010

"I have 2 large reports to submit by this evening (at present I can't get in because of this!)"

In that case, use Firefox click here at least until you get the IE problem sorted.

Is it still slow when using Firefox?

  MAJ 10:56 19 Feb 2010

P.S. Which version of IE are you using and which OS are you using?

  Garawa 11:12 19 Feb 2010

I am using XP Pro SP3 and IE8. I will give Firfox a go and see what happens.

  Garawa 11:44 19 Feb 2010

It is faster, still not as fast as it was a few days ago but at least Firefox should allow me to complete by reports at the very least and I will keep it as a backup. I would still like to know what has happened though. I'm not particularly keen on the text Firefox uses, I have played around with the fonts without any success and it says I need flashplayer 9 which is on the PC and works fine in IE.

  oldbeefer2 11:46 19 Feb 2010

I'd be tempted to roll back to IE7 and see if there is any difference.

  iscanut 11:47 19 Feb 2010

There is a separate version of Flash for Firefox.
Give Google Chrome a try and see if you like that.
click here

  Garawa 12:36 19 Feb 2010

I tried Chrome when it downloaded with something else and I hated it. I have been successfully using IE8 for months without issue (I know other browsers are faster still) so I don't feel the need to roll back as I like the extra features of IE8 over 7. Something happened in the last 2 days but the ONLY thing I did was install Audacity!

  provider 2 12:58 19 Feb 2010

This is a long shot but have you tried loading IE 8 without add-ons:

Start Menu> right-click IE> Browse without add-ons

It`s worth a try anyway to see if it makes any difference.

  Garawa 12:07 22 Feb 2010

Didn't try that but the issue has resolved itself. To recap, 3 days of VERY poor speed with a full 3.3Mbps connection. The PC had been turned on 7-8 times with the same issue. Tried Firefox which allowed me to do what I needed without being fantastic. Then a couple of days ago, fine! Back to normal!

I have noticed a few people complaining about similar issues with IE "cannot diplay the webpage" etc. It had to be something outside of our control. Maybe a MS update or something but no updates had been completed. Weird but resolved (for the time being).

  ubuntu1user1jb 18:04 22 Feb 2010

You should try use google chorme because it is very fast and you can synch the bookmarks! but it up to you!

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