very slow conection speed and high noise?

  chetcity 15:21 29 Nov 2011

Hi i have recently moved into new house and work from home. My VPN drops every 10 mins or so. After looking around, it looks like my internet connection is that slow the VPN keeps getting a no response /timeout. Checked my router and get the following Connection speed 172kbps (down) 281kbps (up) line attenuation 30db (down) 8.5 db (up) noise margin 31db (down) 23db (up) the exchange is actually only 1 mile away

using ping 261ms download speed 0.15mbps upload speed 0.22 mbps

using the same router and same ID on next street (parent house with same provider) get 6 times quicker (admittedly still not flying but would allow me to keep VPN up)

Have router (netgear DG834G v2) connected to master socket with filter. Extention lines are live but currently has no plate/socket attached. So nothing attached to those.

Any ideas?

  difarn 17:28 29 Nov 2011


Assume you are connected to the main telephone socket? Do you have any other equipment attached to any other sockets in the house? If so remove them and see if this gets better. You will need to have filters on all of your phone sockets that have equipment plugged in.

  chetcity 19:53 29 Nov 2011

thanks for the reply. but the other sockets dont even have a socket on them yet so cant connect anything to them. so only have the master socket with a socket on it that i can plug into. and have a filter on the master socket.

i upgraded firmware on router which doubled my connection speed at the house round the corner. but made no difference to mine. still 170kbps connection speed. wirless or connected makes no difference to connection speed

  difarn 17:38 30 Nov 2011


Have you tried updating the firmware?

You may find this link of use.

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