Very slow Computer

  ventanas 16:26 03 Feb 2005

Yesterday and Today formatted two three year old XP Pro computers that are identical in every respect, then reinstalled identical programs to both. One machine was one and a half hours quicker than the other for the whole process, and is now going like a train. The slower machine is hopeless. It takes ages to load anything and then runs apps at a snails pace.
I can only think that perhaps the hard drive is slowing down with wear, or the proccessor about to give up. Unless anyone has any other ideas.

Grateful for any advice.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:04 03 Feb 2005

Hard drive set to PIO rather than DMA

  ventanas 17:06 03 Feb 2005

Thanks, I'll have a look tomorrow. Going home now.

  mattyc_92 17:08 03 Feb 2005

Try using FreeMEM Pro 5 for a RAM bust... This will speed the system up so much... I know that changing the RAM doesn't do much to the speed, but this little app removes processes from the memory when they aren't being used...

Also try a Defrag on the system.... I would also try creating a new Admin privaliged account and see if that helps...

  ventanas 08:39 04 Feb 2005

Thanks mattyc_92, but I need to sort this, just disguising the problem will not really do.

I perhaps should have mentioned that this machine was the subject of an earlier thread click here Its possible that the bios option I used to get it going again (Load Failsafe Defaults)has made changes that need sorting. Certainly the boot options had reverted to default.

  dazza39 08:57 04 Feb 2005

I had a program on a cover disk called Winspeed which i installed and use,its a diagnostic program which does allsorts.One of tools is a Speed Wizard which will determine if you can squeeze out extra speed and give it to you as a %,Quite useful.

  mattyc_92 11:11 04 Feb 2005

The BOIS shouldn't do anything to the speed (if anything it would speed up system boot)

It could be just that some of the files are missing or not reconised for some reason... If the system if fuctioning correctly, then I would worry too much.... I think that your theory is correct (where you say that it could be the hardware)....

If you don't wish to try what I have suggested, then the only thing I could suggest at the moment, is to either format the system again or try upgrading the hardware e.g. RAM and processor.... You may want to try to change some of the fans first... If the system is too hot, then it wont be very fast, so in theory, your fans may be to blame...

  ACOLYTE 11:19 04 Feb 2005

Why not go in the bios and load the optimal settings?,but be carefull if the parts are not up to the job some may fail.Also it may turn on things like onboard sound/graffix/modem/lan just check after you have done it and turn off what you dont wont.

  ventanas 11:41 04 Feb 2005

Thanks folks. It was on onboard LAN that caused the problems in the first place (see the earlier thread) What I have decided to do first is put another identical machine next to it (we have 23 of these) and compare all bios settings. If nothing is found there I will try swapping out the hard drive and perhaps the processor. The fans seem ok. But with this type of machine with so much built into the M/B it could just be time to lay it to rest.

By the way the drive is set to DMA.

Again thanks for your input.

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