Very Slow Broadband Connection

  Rickyv 22:03 01 Dec 2003

When i click on my Alcatel connection, I get logged in quickly. Then I click on IE6 and have to wait 4/5 minutes until my home page loads. In the bottom left corner of IE6 i get the message searching for click here (home page), but nothing happens for 4/5 mins. I have changed my home page, but this makes no difference. I am using Windows XP Home. Any suggestions please?? Once the home page is there, surfing continues at normal speed, until I disconnect and then reconnect later, when the problem starts again.

  terminus 22:11 01 Dec 2003

I would suggest you navigate your way to this site....Then click tools (top left) and choose this site as a default. ;-))T

  woodchip 22:13 01 Dec 2003

Download Netscape 7 and see if it's any faster. click here

  terminus 22:14 01 Dec 2003

I missed out Tools/options.

  Djohn 22:20 01 Dec 2003

Something not quite right there, but not sure what it is. Clicking on your link, the homepage loads instantly using IE6.

When I have logged on through my Alcatel connection, I click on the IE6 Icon and my home page loads in less than 2 seconds, I don't think that changing your homepage will improve the speed of loading though.

  Rickyv 22:21 01 Dec 2003

Just before the initial connection became this slow, I used a Mesh recovery disk for something else. This resulted in me losing the network connection altogether. I rang Freeserve Broadband Help Desk and a software expert took me through a large numer of setting changes and managed to get my dial up networking connection back. I reckon there is something wrong with the set-up, somewhere. Any ideas???

  Rickyv 22:24 01 Dec 2003

My problem is only the initial connection. After the home page loads everthing works very fast. During the initial few minutes of inactivity, the little pc's on the task bar are blank (i.e. not communicating)

  Djohn 22:27 01 Dec 2003

Have you tried disconnecting your dial-up modem? If this solves the problem then we will know its the dial-up that is causing the problem. It appears that IE6 is looking for a dial-up before the Broadband connection.

  Rickyv 22:29 01 Dec 2003

The old modem is still installed in my pc, but is not connected to the phone line.

  Djohn 22:32 01 Dec 2003

Then it must be in the settings of your browser. I still think that IE is searching for a dial-up modem before finding the Broadband one.

When you go to tools/Internet options/Connections, which modem is set as the default?

  Djohn 22:35 01 Dec 2003

Also click on "Start" then "Connect to" and then show all connections, Which modem is shown as the default with a tick in it?

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