Very Slow brandnew HP 14 bs058na

  Mila87 00:47 08 Feb 2018

Hi guys, I have purchased this laptop (HP 14-bs058na, Windows 10, Intel pentium N3710 1.6 Ghz, 4Ram), two weeks ago. I didn't research much prior purchase but the sales person assured me that this was a good laptop for my budget and needs. But despite being brand new its very slow. I have antivirus and there no excess of files or programs, so I don't understand why it so slow. I am using Edge browser and as I open new tabs I keep getting the message "waiting for response" while the page is loading. This is working worst than my previous Asus which wasnt really good. I would appreciate to hear from you what do you think it could be? Have I been deceived by the sales person?

  wee eddie 01:17 08 Feb 2018

You have mentioned slow speed while loading Internet pages but this may be due to the speed internet connection.

How is it on day to day tasks?

  Mila87 01:25 08 Feb 2018

Thank you for your reply. I wouldnt suspect its the Internet connection, because it has always been fast with other laptops. But this new one is slow even to open programs such as word or to look for files. I am wondering if maybe I didn't set up it properly or if its just a bad quality laptop.

  rdave13 09:53 08 Feb 2018

Specs look good for general running of Windows 10 click here. Open task manager to see what't using your resources. It could be something like a trial version of a security app pre-installed and you have installed your own security app without removing the trial one.

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