Very noisy Evesham

  User-731D3F8D-D8EB-4CD3-BAC35C722C57B032 19:46 21 May 2004

My recent PC purchase from Evesham was delivered today. I powered it up and immediately noticed a very noisy fan. I'm not technical and I'm assuming it's a fan due to the whooshing noise. I know PCs do make some noise but this is really quite loud and, to my mind, unbearable. You can even hear it when soft music is playing and being blasted out of five speakers.

I've already spoken to Evesham Technical Support and an engineer will be coming round in a week's time.

My only concern is that they will tell me this is normal. Can this possibly be normal? The noise is louder than another old PC I have which is 7 years old!!!

And what are my consumers rights (regarding a complete refund) if I remain dissatisfied after the engineer's visit? Is there a time period in which I must return the PC?

Any swift help would be very much appreciated.

  shovel1440 19:54 21 May 2004

I've had my Evesham computer for 2 years and I would agree with you that the fans make a hell of a racket. I was told at the start that office computers are naturally loud!!!!! I've just lived with it as I didn't know any better, otherwise it has been an excellent computer. Hopefully you'll get something sorted.

  SANTOS7 20:09 21 May 2004

click here this should help

I've already had a look at the T&Cs and am a bit concerned that under the distance selling regulations, I have 7 days after receipt of goods to notify them that I wish to return the PC. As the engineer isn't coming out until another week, this 7 day period would already have elapsed. I'm assuming that any returns beyond this period will be up to Evesham's discretion or have I missed something else?

  SANTOS7 20:45 21 May 2004

click here helpful info here, but as you have an engineer calling i would wait and see exactly what they have to say or do regarding the fan in question. it may well be that it is loose or something very simple to fix

Thanks Santos. I think I should have posted this in the consumerwatch forum so I'm closing this thread and waiting for responses in the other forum.

I will wait for the engineer's verdict but I'm checking out my rights beforehand.

  DAG88 21:31 21 May 2004

as youve started in the helproom you may as well keep it there cos it gets confusing having 2 threads running

anyway, if the engineer does not change anything then i would recommend you just replace the fan yourself. Average cost is about £10 for 1 and there fairly easy to change. It would save a lot of hassle for you as getting a refund can be arkward as the company is less interested in customer satisfaction...

  wee eddie 21:47 21 May 2004

I have no idea whether your PC is unduly noisy, but there is sufficient interest in the subject of noise reduction to have long articles written about it.

I would ask the engineer, after he has given his verdict, for his recommended upgrades. You don't have to follow his advice but, as he will be seeing PC's day in day out, his judgement as to which additions are effective may be worth listening too.

  son-of-a-gun 09:01 08 Aug 2004

Response from Evesham
concern over the last paragraph provoked me into living with the problem, I'm not sure if they are saying they would not cover any fitted fan under the warranty that's understandable, or fitting replacement fans would invalidate them from any part of the warranty if foe example the CPU went up the suff fan provoked or otherwise.
But I guess it should be in mind that CPUs are getting faster, and obviously hotter, thus requiring much more air movement to keep them cool this means usually larger, or faster rotating fans, I think it to be unfair to compare a say a 7 year old Pen200 to the equivalent CPU today

Shameless I notice the post is now resolved, not sure if I missed it but what was the result of the visit by the engineer?

Response from Evesham
I’m afraid we know of no other utilities that can quieten down the fan noise. We find the fan noise on our machines to be acceptable to the vast majority of our customers.

If however you would like to make you machine quieter there are 3rd party ultra quiet fans available on the market, which you can install into the system.

Obviously we cannot support any 3rd party fans and this would be the responsibility of the manufacturer.

  FRITTER 18:00 24 Nov 2004

Just bought a new Dominator, which is noisy, Evesham advise that Cool and Quiet software will fix the problem, and they are supplying this, and will guide me through installation, their advert on the web site now says that this software comes pre installed, which it did not a couple of weeks ago when i bought it.Will see if ther is any reduction in noise after installation

  Dorsai 19:01 24 Nov 2004

I used to have a Noisy PC. It was not trmendously loud, but was irritating if left on while trying to watch the TV. So i got quiet PSU, CPU heatsink, fanless Northbridge cooler, and a quiet case fan.

It's now nice and quiet.

Which has a down side. If i get kicked out of the bedroom, and have to sleep on the sofa, the PC no-longer drouns out the sound of the freezer, clock, etc. which it used to with a constant background drone.

You win some, you lose some.

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