very low upload speed,running at only 45 kbps

  robtoo 11:09 24 Jun 2005

i am running tiscali 1mb broadband. my download speed is approx 920 kbps which is fine and my upload speed should be 220 - 260 kbps but it is only 45 kbps.the speed does not change what time of day i use my interenet connection.can anyone help me ? as i have e.mail tiscali about the about problem,but to date i am still waiting for a answer from then!

  [email protected] 11:27 24 Jun 2005

Have you got any P2P programs running at start up such as Limewire, Bearshare, WinMX, Kazaa etc? These could be uploading files and hence slowing down your upload speed.

Also, have you ran anti-virus and spyware checks too? Your computer may be getting used to send masses of spam or viruses around web.

Best just to check the obvious things first.


  [email protected] 11:31 24 Jun 2005

Where have you tested your bandwidth to come to that conclusion?

I have always found click here to be an accurate measure of my internet speed.

  ACOLYTE 11:36 24 Jun 2005

Where did you get the figures,i have 2.2 Mb Bt broadband and my download speed is around 250/260
Kbps depending where im downloading from and my upload varies depending where and what im uploading,this is real time downloading speeds not BB speed tests though,i dont know a lot about the speeds but it seems your download is very fast for 1Mb BB.I havent run any speed tests on my connection so cannot say what it will be but if yours is 920 mine should be double that.

  robtoo 11:42 24 Jun 2005

thanks for your anwers dave but i do not have any p2p problems running at startup and i run avg every cople of days to check for spyware.and i check my internet connection speed with click here .

  gudgulf 13:49 24 Jun 2005

Do you have any other antispyware programs such as Adaware,Spybot S&D,a2 or the Microsoft Antispyware beta?.Good as AVG is it is not perfect and it is an antivirus scanner and as such is not as good at picking out the many other bandwidth hogging programs such as adware.Hijack This is very good at revealing anything that is running on the pc that shouldn't be click here

Try running Stinger click here and also check in Task Manager to see what programs are running that might be connecting to the web.You could also log on to the Tiscali site and check if their are any service announcements that may affect you.

If you normally get the correct upload speeds then you need to be highly suspicious that something running on your pc is using up your bandwidth.

  Graham ® 14:13 24 Jun 2005

My 2Mb speeds click here

  Graham ® 14:18 24 Jun 2005

You have to click on it :-)

  robtoo 17:56 24 Jun 2005

hi graham click here
your upstream is 242 kbps /true speed 261kbps. i would be happy with that as mine is only,
my upstream is 45 kbps / true speed 49 kbps
and my downstream is fine.

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