Very little help from Symantec

  Andsome 08:04 19 Jun 2004

I sent an e-mail from the Symantec website. When downloading updates, there had been an update for Norton Internet security program available, I downloaded it but received a message that it would NOT install because I needed to install an update first for Symantec redirector. Symantec advised me to uninstall Norton System Works 2003 and any other Norton programs. I also had to delete temporary files and edit the registry, I did as requested, and also uninstalled Personal Firewall 2003. I installed the programs again using the EXACT sequence as instructed, followed by downloading updates in the order suggested, but still the problem persisted. I sent a second e-mail to Symantec, and was instructed to uninstall and reinstall as before. I did this several times, but always got the same result. I sent another e-mail, followed by several more, but to date Symantec are no longer answering my e-mails.

You can all draw your own conclusions, as to whether it is worth purchasing programs from a company that gives up trying to help with a serious problem after two attempts.

I will be sending a letter of complaint to one of their senior executives.

  Valvegrid 08:24 19 Jun 2004

Hi Andsome, hope you are keeping well?

Maybe worth putting a link to this post in ConsumerWatch forum on this site as well.


  feb 10:02 19 Jun 2004

Are you using Live Update or downloading it yourself from the site?

  PSF 10:48 19 Jun 2004

When I have had problems with NIS 2003 or NIS 2004 I have un-installed the program, search c: for Symantec files, and deleted all the Symantec shared files the the un-install program does not. Most of these files are in the Documents and settings folder. They include the LiveUpdate files which could be causing your problem.

These files contain information about subscriptions and registration, and so if one is corrupt you will have problems. A normal un-install does not remove these files.

Try that and see...

  €dstowe 11:12 19 Jun 2004

My father has just had a run-in with Symantec over their newly acquired baby, Drive Image (They recently took over Powerquest). Note he had a long time hatred of Symantec.

A long time fan of DI, he had an installation fail on him with several non-intelligable messages about bebugging something or other. None of the cures did anything at all so he went to the (what he thought was) the Powerquest website. He knew that Powerquest were very helpful with progblems with their products and the expected that still to be the same. It wasn't!! The free helpline now just seems to direct you back to the FAQ section and any real help is via the paid for enquiry system.

He now uses Acronis and, as he builds and maintains all my machines, I have transferred as well.

Yes, Symantec, in one shot you have lost 15 or so users. No doubt there will be more if you continue with such attitudes.


  Sapins 11:30 19 Jun 2004

I e-mailed Symantec when I had problems with live update not automatically downloading updates, sent e-mail 14.06.04 @ 11.58am and received reply on 14.06.04 @ 19.4opm. You can't grumble at that.

I have NSW 2004. Symantec advised me to re-install Live Update via the following link and it worked a treat. click here

It may help with your problem,



  Andsome 13:00 19 Jun 2004

I downloaded using live update. The update failed to install. Following an e-mail from Symantec I did absolutely everything that they suggested, including uninstalling Norton system tools, Norton personal firewall completely. This was followed by deleting all the files in Windows explorer as instructed, and then editing the registry as instructed. I downloaded updates after a reinstall in exactly the order I was instructed to. I again got a message telling me that I had to reinstall Symantec Redirector. I sent another e-mail, and was told exactly the same as before. I followed EVERY step exactly as instructed. I still got the same end result. I went through all the same procedures several more times. On the last attempt, after editing the registry as instructed I even used Regscrub XP, and Reg Supreme. These found numerous remaining Norton and Symantec keys and deleted them all. Still the same end result. Since then Symantec have failed to answer my e-mails.

  PSF 13:09 19 Jun 2004

Have you had a look at this: click here

  Andsome 07:11 20 Jun 2004

This was the link that the Symantec e-mails took me to. I have done EVERYTHING that they advised. My gripe is that they have now abandoned me. I will be writing to a senior executive today. Meantime I will be starting a thread on as many forums as I can find.

  Valvegrid 08:17 20 Jun 2004

While I can understand your frustration with Symantic, what are you trying to achieve? By plastering this on every forum seems pointless until you've explored all other avenues of complaint, like the letter to the CEO. You may be surprised and get some action, this often happens.

While I agree you have got a gripe, Symantic are a large organisation and probably have far more satisfied customers than unsatisfied.

Any large organisation should have a complaints procedure, by sending your letter to the CEO you should activate that complaints procedure. So if you don't mind me advising caution before you start putting this on every forum until you've followed the correct procedure and got the reply from the CEO. Give them a time limit, 21 days should be sufficient.

  Andsome 08:23 20 Jun 2004

Valid point

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