very large avg 7.5 update available.....

  p;3 12:52 21 Apr 2007

just updated ; thought I had got it all and went back for a recheck found another bit ;took two attempts to get all the update; new search engines and computer restart required with this one

internal virus data base version


if on dial up you may struggle with the size of the update so be patient


  johndrew 14:17 21 Apr 2007

Yes it is large and it took me two bites to get it all.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 14:38 21 Apr 2007

New version available 7.5.463

  p;3 14:56 21 Apr 2007

and there are two MORE bits (one fairly large too)to go with it as I have discovered since rebooting ;

269.5.7/771 now

will take some doing on dial up

  pj123 15:35 21 Apr 2007

p;3, am I doing something wrong? I just tried an AVG update and am now on 269.5.7/771 4/21/2007 11:56 AM.

Took me all of 3 seconds, and it is 7.5.463

  p;3 15:41 21 Apr 2007

that is what I have got; I have today had 5 separate parts to the download; one of them VERY large and one took a long time even on my BB

go back to the unpdate manager and see if there is any more waiting for you?I was a bit surprised by the amount on offer this time

  Allyginger 16:16 21 Apr 2007

Yes i'm on the pro version and i had very large updates also. This was because of the programme update being large 7.5.465. In fact i had to download part of the programme update manually. Then finally updating by auto later.

  pj123 16:50 21 Apr 2007

p;3, just done that and all I get is:

"Your AVG program already has the latest updates installed and is fully up to date. Remember to check for new updates regularly"

I am running the free version, not the paid for version?

You say VERY large. Mine updated so fast I didn't get a chance to see what the file size was. What did your update file size say?

  p;3 17:54 21 Apr 2007

to clarify ;I am on avg 7.5 free version;
today there have been , from memory 5 parts to the update, TWO of them have been large and both took a time to get even on broadband

my present version is



  Les 17:57 21 Apr 2007

Just updated mine - 7.5.446 - it too says that it is the latest version.

  Smiler 18:08 21 Apr 2007

7.5.463 is the latest version.
Did you open AVG and click on "Check for updates" ?
This should then give you a window with the latest program updates available.

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