A very good tweaking program or download.

  spuds 09:40 19 Jun 2010

I may have asked this question previously, if so apologies.

Can you recommend a 'very good' tweaking program or download. Something that will perhaps 'sort out' a computer.

I am looking for personal recommendations. Thanks for any input, all is welcome.

  mfletch 10:51 19 Jun 2010

Sorry but its impossible to say as we don't know what problems the computer has,

A little more info please

  rawprawn 11:02 19 Jun 2010
  Forum Editor 11:22 19 Jun 2010

I've never used this kind of software, I've always felt it better to sort out any problems myself, within Windows, using Google to search for fixes as and when needed.

If your machine has problems we can probably resolve them with you here, in the forum.

  spuds 11:45 19 Jun 2010

Thanks everyone for the responses. I asked the question in a general mode as to what peoples own personal recommendations were.

Over the years I have tried and trialled many programs of this nature, with various results, ranging from extremely poor to the more convincing.

Just thought that I would do a little more experimenting on other peoples recommendations to a 'good' product.

  spuds 11:53 19 Jun 2010

Thanks for the links. I have used these two programs previously, and AWC since it originated under another name. Installed the program the other day, and I began to realise why I had uninstalled it previously. I find that it slowed the computer down a little, and it was not as thorough as the previous versions. I do not know if you have found that!.

With regards to the other link Winaso, I forget now on how that faired in previous tests. Perhaps a re-install and trial in the making!.

  AlanHo 13:20 19 Jun 2010

The only "clean up" program I let near my computer is CCleaner.

click here

  sunnystaines 13:21 19 Jun 2010

I use the same two as rawprawn, after trying umpteen ones.

some people use similar ones like glary and wise but i prefer the two rawprawn uses.

  Ibanez2010 13:22 19 Jun 2010

I agree with Alanho.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:23 19 Jun 2010

I'm with the FE on this one, never found any of the so called "optimisers" to be any good.

Very many times I have posted my "Slow PC" answers, for people with poor performance problems, which if followed then tweaks the PC to improve speed. Many people have said that it has cured their problems.

Using common sense and removing the dross that builds up, means my machine is running as fast as it did (even faster because I have increased RAM) when I bought it 5 years ago.

  Big L 266 17:02 19 Jun 2010


spuds....I have ccleaner as a staple cleaner but PCA has reviewed iolo System Mechanic an issue or two back. I tried the trial version on the PCA dvd and found it an excellent product especially as it does what it says on the tin.I run it once a week and let it tidy up the computer for me.Thanks to PCAs excellent reveiw,I bought the product and have to say I'm very happy with it as well. Although I've only had my computer for 18 months,it runs as good as the day I bought it.

I just wish TalkTalk could sort out why my internet speed went from 19000kbps to between 5000/6000kbps overnight on the 10th to 11th June.Its taking them forever to find the exchange fault. I wish there was a tweaking programme for this though.

Big L 266

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