very basic question

  Steven135 22:18 14 Aug 2003

I have just published a website which I was asked to make (in my ignorance I am the most advanced with compouters in my orginisation).

I have no experience at all regarding Web design and maintenance and used Serif WebPlus 8 to create the site, simple enough just like using PagePlus8

Today I have placed the site on Active ISP and its working OK.

My question: How do I update the site, when I alter or add information do I upload the whole site?

When I tried to just upload 1 altered page it messed all the graphics up and I had to load the whole thing.

I said I was really am abysmally ignorant when it comes to Web design never having bothered till now this and other questions prove it.

  Steven135 22:19 14 Aug 2003

I was really am!!! Need a grammer transfusion.

  Forum Editor 00:38 15 Aug 2003

post the url of your site, so we can see it?

I am not familiar with PagePlus - I've never used it - but most web design packages will publish changes to a server via FTP. The important things is to ensure that your local copy (the one on your hard drive) is the one that you work on. Don't work live on the server copy, because if you do, and you haven't saved the same changes back to the hard drive there's a danger that if the server goes down you'll lose all your work.

Work on the local copy and then publish the changes to the server. 02:21 15 Aug 2003

but is there not an option to publish 'Changed assets only' as there is with NOF?


By the way FE, the white BG is looking ok, will post when finished (didn't want to start a new thread yet).

  Steven135 09:29 15 Aug 2003

Thanks FE the site is very basic and need much more work:
click here

  Patr100 18:02 15 Aug 2003

It's not a bad start at all. One thing that might help that comes to mind is to try to avoid too much scrolling down the page but that can be tricky to get right, especially with some Webpage programs and the result can depend on what screen resolution the particular person viewing the webpage is set at.

  User-312386 23:57 15 Aug 2003

for a 1st design i am really impressed

there is nothing wrong with the graphics here, although the font size is somewhat large and could be scaled down

I am impressed

  Forum Editor 00:49 16 Aug 2003

but a little attention to the text might not go amiss.

A web site like yours will be improved enormously by a cohesive colour and font combination. Try to stick to no more than three font styles and three sizes. Use the same colour and point size (say 10pt) for the body text throughout the site, and do the same for headers and sub-headers, but with larger point sizes. The effect will be to make the site look calmer, and more professional. You can have your colour in the graphics - although they shouldn't dominate.

When first you start out in document design - be it an HTML web page or a desktop publishing project - there's a tendency towards what's sometimes called 'Font abuse'. Computers can do wonderful things with fonts and colours, and some people let that take hold. The best documents and web pages are those that have simplicity of design - they look restful and pleasing to the eye.

Your first attempt has been a success - not everyone can say the same - but with a little more work you can have something even more successful.

  Steven135 16:28 16 Aug 2003

FE: thanks for your advice I have toned down the font sizes you were spot on looks much neater.Thanks

  spuds 22:17 16 Aug 2003

For a first attempt, looks very,very good. Can only get better.

  Newuser549 22:44 16 Aug 2003

Looks good - well done. I would add the comment that it does not support smaller 800*600 displays very well - one of my pet hates (apart from music and Flash!) is pages where I have to scroll left to right to read.

Don't know if this has been aired on the forum before, as I've only just discovered it, but IMHO web pages should be no more than about 750 pixels wide if fixed width (to allow for the scroll bar), but a better solution is to exploit HTML's ability to adapt to the screen size. Look at some of the pages on the site I did for our local village school (click here), for an example of this - they adapt to your screen size as you resize (within the constraints of the size of the graphics), so does not need to be read in full screen mode.

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