very basic graphics card question....

  Mezzo 19:05 12 Mar 2003

I've I updated my Intel Extreme graphics card to something costing £150 or more, would this improve the picture quality I'm getting on my WinTV USB application?

Running XP with 2.53ghz P4 and 512k RAM.


  duplo 19:09 12 Mar 2003

I doubt it... what appears to be the prob with the picture.

I ran a TV card on a 700 duron, GF2 MX 32MB, picture not amazing but i dont think it had anything to go with the graphics.

If your machine plays DVD's fine (does it... it should) then i think it should play the TV fine aswell.

  Patr100 19:44 12 Mar 2003

No, The one thing that determines the quality of the image more than anything else is the quality of the TV aerial signal.

  Mezzo 13:42 13 Mar 2003

oh. dvd's play fine, but when i try full screen tv the screen is very grainy. works fine in a small window though (have gold plated arial extentions).

i thought a decent graphics card might solve the problem but i was mistaken. what else could i do to improve the picture quality?

thanks for your help.

  cherria 13:52 13 Mar 2003

Dedicated external TV arial. This will give you a strong signal and hence you should get a good picture.

Also don't forget that a TV resolution is only about 640x480 (something like that) so every TV pixel will translate to a 2x2 pixel square on a 1280x1024 resolution PC screen, possibly making the image appear grainy.

This is a problem with perspective, we sit 2-3 meters away from a TV but 2-3 feet from a PC screen. try getting up close and personal with your TV, it looks pretty grainy.

  €dstow 14:01 13 Mar 2003

My view is to use a computer for computing and a television set for watching television. Using either one for the other is bound to be a compromise - as you are finding.

Even using dedicated television tuner adapter cards in a computer is fraught with problems and almost never completely satisfactory.

Just because a computer and a television use as similar looking visual display unit doesn't mean that the two are at all interchangeable - they aren't.


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