a very annoying monitor problem

  [email protected] 07:48 01 Aug 2009

hello. this system was working fine. had a week off work decided to do a re-install, as i had lost tracks of all my tweeks and wanted vista as it comes off the shelf. before i used xg video drivers, which are tweeked nvidia ones.
this is the problem, everything works perfectly, but if left over night the monitor doesn't wake with the pc, it clicks but the standby light stays on. when i turn it off then back on picture is there.
i can leave it a few hours and it's fine it just doesnt wake if left 7 hours or more.
i hate these problems!
everythings standard out of the box regarding drivers, motherboard are from msi site the latest nvidia ones cause s3 problems and always have. video cards have 190.38 (these use dvi hmdi previous drivers didnt) which seems to be the problem
thing's i have tried:
reinstalling everything
recalling monitor
reconnecting/ handshaking monitor
flashed mobo (cannot find vga bios)
re-seated everything on mobo
reinstalling older drivers (dvi)
swapping vgas around

problem remains, no problems when it's up, just this niggle when left off overnight.

anything i havnt tried? any ideas? motherboard and vga are a year old, screen is older i think, have asked novatechs advice but cant get a response from them. cannot find a similar problem with google.

any ideas wold be great.

hyundai w240s 24" black colour connected with dvi

amd 940 black edition 3.9 gz
msi k9n2 diamond
4x2 gb ocz reaper 8500 ram
4x samsung f2 500gb hdd
3x msi 280gtxoc 650/2300
64 bit vista ultimate.

  Mr Mistoffelees 08:23 01 Aug 2009

"when i turn it off then back on picture is there."

The clue may be there. Try switching the monitor off, instead of leaving it on standby, when the pc is being left for a long period.

  [email protected] 08:40 01 Aug 2009

i could do, the switch is in the most awkward place though, it's seems to be a handshaking thing, if i disconnect amd re connect the dvi cable the driver always reports settings have changed, nothing visible so im guessing it's the sender.
it's just puzzling me, thanks for the reply.

  Technotiger 08:49 01 Aug 2009

My switches are also in awkward places, but easily overcome by using Remote Controlled socket adapters ... click here

  [email protected] 09:02 01 Aug 2009

i just tried the vga cable and the response in start up is much quicker, so i think you're both right i have to live with it, what is puzzling me is this only occured since using the dvi hmdi drivers, and there seem to be a lot of problems mainly with second screens not coming back from sleep. will wait to see if the next driver sorts this out, it looks like the base settings to the card stick, and without vga bios i cant remedy that.
i know turning it off solves the problem, but i also know the switch is in an inacessable place because it's not designed to be used very often, i see what the developers come up with.
thanks again for the replies.

  [email protected] 09:03 01 Aug 2009

nice gadget Technotiger!

  [email protected] 11:15 01 Aug 2009

ok, i cant figure out what the new drivers changed. however, before i tried them the control panel always showed dvi, monitor showed dvi> hdmi, now control panel will only show hmdi> hmdi. the monitor has the pc connected through the dvi not the hmdi. when i force detection it finds hmdi>hmdi.
so, going to try a dvi to hmdi cable because that's what is true, sadly not going to find out until the morning!

  [email protected] 14:17 01 Aug 2009

but that wont work because there's no power connection. as the card thinks its hmdi it's not powering up, thats the problem = driver issue.

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