A very annoying Excel problem for me

  Housten 16:50 23 Sep 2015

Good Afternoon, Gentlemen, I am still using Windows 7 64Bit Home Office Premium with MS Office 2003 Professional. At one point I was thinking of moving on to Windows 10, but - amongst other things - I found out that Office 2003 was unlikely to work with it. Maybe I am old-fashioned but I believe that when you pay for software it should be yours. But MS do not believe in this and I was horrified to find out that to get an up to date version of Office it was going to cost a minimum of ( basically ) £60 A YEAR!! If it had been a one off I would have - very reluctantly - paid that, but not £60 a year. Then I found out that it was possible to get Excel and Word 2010 free and these would work with Windows 10. It was after this that I decided to stick with Windows 7. My problem now is that Excel 2010 is being activated in preference to 2003 every time I download any data. It also locks itself up sometime and I am locked out of my computer for up to 15 minutes, and I am not happy with this as well. I have tried moving some Excel programmes on to a pen drive - so I can keep them until I find out which need to be deleted. But whatever I do doesn't work. So I would be very grateful If someone could very kindly tell me which programmes I need to delete to get rid of Excel 2010 - and Word. This would mean I could check the folders - to see if there are any of my programmes included within them and then delete the folders.

Any information, help or advice will be very gratefully received.

Many thanks in advance to everyone who replies.

  csqwared 17:21 23 Sep 2015

Don't quite understand your thread. Are you saying you have Office 2003 and Office 2010 installed? ("My problem now is that Excel 2010 is being activated in preference to 2003 every time I download any data")

If that is the case, if you go to Control Panel/Programmes and Features, highlight the version of office you want to remove, then at the top of the window select either uninstall or change. Selecting change will allow you to remove Excel and Word. This doesn't actually remove them, just makes them inaccessible to Office.

  Housten 11:51 24 Sep 2015

Good Morning, csqwared, Being a stupid pensioner I hadn't checked on the simple route!!!! Many, many thanks! To answer your question the answer has to be, I suppose, YES. As I said when I was trying out 2010 I had it on my disk but did not think it was installed. This is, obviously, where I made my error, so thank very, very much for your reply. I am very grateful.

  csqwared 13:40 24 Sep 2015


No problem. Us 'silversurfers' must stick together.

Regards cc

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