Vertical stripes, black screen. Graphic card?

  MaximePilon 22:15 07 Mar 2015

Hi guys! Sorry if I make some mistakes, I am french.

The story: About two days ago I install a new CPU cooler and clean up my pc (desinstall and reinstall almost everything exept my CPU).

I plugged my computer and the temperature was high (85C), I unplugged it right away. Reinstall my cpu cooler (alway with thermal paste) and everything. The temperature was great but I wasnt able to install my driver, not even to go on internet, windows was crashing and freezing every 4 second. I did a clean install of windows, deleted everything and reinstall my drivers... and here we are.

The problem: After the first clean installation of windows, I installed all my drivers and pilot with the CD that I had and this was what was happening: click here Verticales lines and black screen. Can't do anything, the pc still running like if he was on Idle.

So I looked at a couple of forums and some was saying that it might be a driver problem.

I did a clean install of windows, deleted everything, again. I reinstall the driver of my motherboard with the CD but for the graphic card I went directly on the website of ASUS to get the lastest version. (I did that 30min ago, maybe it will crash eventually but for now it seem okay.) And yhis is what is hapenning now: click here, I know this is not a big deal but I feel like my pc will crash soon... everything is lagging when I move my windows too fast! I will try to get this on camera if something happen.

The specs: CPU click here

Graphic card: click here Intel core i7 4790K**

Motherboard: Asus Z97-PRO

RAM: 16G DDR3 Corasir

Graphic card: AMD Radeon R9 200 Serie

Monitor: 27inch 1440p

Thanks a lot! -Max

Ok **Cpu:

  MaximePilon 22:18 07 Mar 2015

Sorry specs look messed up. CPU intel core i7 4790K Graphic card:AMD Radeon R9 200 Series

  MaximePilon 17:48 08 Mar 2015

OK after a lot and a lot of experiments I found the problem. When I was in safe mode everithing worked well, so I type msconfig and disable everything. Boot in normal mode and no lag,freez. So one by one I enable the files until I found the one that cause it. It was a corrupt file.

If you have the same problem as me try this:

msconfig will open system configuration.

  • desable all in startup and restart computer in normal mode.
  • if it dont work go into msconfig/service
  • Hide all microsoft services and disable all
  • Start into normal mode again and see if it work.

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