Vertical scrolling background, no sound.

  Problem Pete 14:10 16 Oct 2008

We are having a new kitchen fitted. The electrician said that the single feed to the hob extended to the oven was overloaded and illegal. He has fitted a new feed from the fuse bax, halfway round the outside of the house, to the new double oven. The moment he switched it on a heterodyne was heard from the pc speakers and one inch deep horizontal lines scrolled up the screen.
Sound files make no noise. On switching sound off, the heterodyne goes but the scrolling lines remain. On switching the new feed to the oven off, sound is restored, the heterodyne stops and the scrolling lines disappear.
Any help would be gratefully received. The electrician is baffled.

  Terry Brown 14:43 16 Oct 2008

Inform the electrician (Qualified ?), that you are bring in an indepent expert in and he will be charged for the cost as well as the cost of repair to your equipment.

The oven shoud NOT run from the fuse box (13amp), but from it's own box (30 amp)to be legal.

I have never heard of an electricial running live cable outside the house, unless it is 'Armoured cable', (which I doubt).
I hope you have not paid him/her yet.

  MAJ 15:08 16 Oct 2008

Undobtably the electrian has used a 6mm dual core and earth cable from a 32 amp RCB in the consumer unit, which would be correct. What wouldn't be correct is if he has run it externally round the outside of the house.

  Problem Pete 17:06 16 Oct 2008

You are correct ref the 32 amp RCB - except it's a 10 mm cable. But why is it incorrect to route it round the house? And how would routing it round the house produce my pc problems? He routed it round the house to avoid taking up most of the upstairs carpets and floor boards.

  MAJ 18:00 16 Oct 2008

I'm not sure why it should interfere with your system, Problem Pete, I've never seen that happening myself, but it's obvious that it is interfering with it. Maybe a ferrite ring or two attached to the computer cables will solve the problem, we used to use them on neighbours TV sets when our CB radios caused TV reception problems, you could ask your electrician about that.

ThE 10mm wire is fine if it's a long run and the cooker draws a lot of power. It shouldn't be run externally because ordinary 2 core and earth is not designed to run externally, it can perish or get damaged easily by a knock or two or by animals gnawing at it. It should also not be run through polystyrene as that can react with the insulation and cause perishing.

  Problem Pete 17:11 18 Oct 2008

Reply to Maj.

I'll put your points to the electrician when he returns on Monday. He thinks the problem could be due to the new wire for the oven crossing over the old wire to the hob. This has happened in the garage near the fuse box and new RCB.

I look forward to his comments on the wire running through a polystyrene conduit.

  Problem Pete 17:31 18 Oct 2008

I've just moved my pc keyboard and put my laptop in its place. None of my pc problems have happened working on batteries. I've now connected the laptop power source to the same muli connector that the pc works off - and still no scrolling problems. Sound works perfectly and there is no interference.
However, 4 inches behind the laptop screen, my pc VDU is scrolling away with the heterodyne still present when I switch sound on.
I'm flumuxed!

  Problem Pete 17:32 25 Oct 2008

PC Specialists, the PC manufacturer have supplied me with a new graphics card - to no avail.
I have tried my flat screen VDU on someone else's PC and there were no problems. I have tried a different graphics cable - no improvement. I ran a power lead from a neighbour's house to my pc and VDU - but the problem was still there.

Can anyone suggest a cause for this problem please? PC Specialists help line are flummuxed - and the pc is only 8 months old!

Problem Pete

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