vertical ruler with word

  [DELETED] 10:02 08 Jun 2006

Hi all,

i don't have a vertical ruler on my word processor to adjust the top and and bottom margins on my document.

i've tried with the page set up but it doesn't work either.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

  [DELETED] 10:15 08 Jun 2006

If your word processor is Microsoft Word then it's under Tools -> Options -> View tab then in the 'Print and Web Layout options' sections put a tick in the Vertical ruler box. Note that the vertical ruler only shows on Print Layout view.

  [DELETED] 10:37 08 Jun 2006


it's Microsoft Works Word Processor and there is no wiew tab under tools-options and there is no choices for web; print or other layout either.
There is a ruler option under view which is checked but it only brings the horizontal ruler.

Could this be beacuse it's an old version?
It's supposed to be MS Works 7.0

  [DELETED] 10:53 08 Jun 2006

I've never used Works so I don't know enough about it to comment further. The View, Rulers option in Word just switches rulers on or off the same as you're getting so we probably need a Works user to give a definative answer.

  Peter 15:28 08 Jun 2006


If it is an older version of Word that you are using then you will need to be in "Page Layout View" to see the vertical ruler.

In my Word 97 this view can be access from the View menu, Page Layout option or by clicing the icon to the left of the horizontal scroll bar near the bottom of the Word screen.

If you hover your mouse over the four icons you should see the mesages Normal View, Online Layout View, Page Layout View and Outline View. Click on the third icon from the left to activate Page Layout View.


  Simsy 17:28 08 Jun 2006

on another PC... I'll just boot it up and see what happens on that.



  Simsy 17:48 08 Jun 2006

It's works 6 on the other PC I have here...

The word processor on that doesn't seem to have a horizontal ruler...

The way you change the settings is via file>page setup>Margins and change the distance setting for top and bottom margins.

I hope this helps,



  [DELETED] 18:05 08 Jun 2006

Works 8 doesn't seem to have a vertical ruler either. The only way I can find to adjust top and bottom margins is as described by Simsy.

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