Vertical lines on my desktop

  Tridibesh 14:01 13 Dec 2018

Its been 5 weeks since im getting the American Megatrend page opening up telling me that "hard disk status B.A.D backup and replace". I was using my pc this morning and it suddenly shuts down. Tried to restart, and then i have encountered 2 thick yellow vertical lines on the "loading asus express values.." page (which stays for less than a second). And then at the windows loading screen there are 4 green vertical ribbons. I have checked the wires, they are all good. If this is not the fault of my monitor then what is? Please don't mind my bad English. Below i have posted the broken screens. Thats the windows loading screen

  howard64 09:28 16 Dec 2018

have you disconnected the monitor and then reconnected it? If so the vertical lines could indicate that one of the pins in the monitor cable has bent and is not going into the socket. If not this then it looks as though your hard disk has failed.

  alanrwood 11:44 16 Dec 2018

Try booting from a bootable CD/DVD. If it works OK the the Hard Drive is possibly on its way out but I would suspect the graphics card or its drivers first.

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