Vertical green line - laptop screen

  PeterPaul 11:58 16 Oct 2005

A vertical green line has appeared all the way down, about one third of the way along my Vaio laptop screen.

Can't remove.

Any ideas, please?

  Methedrine 12:03 16 Oct 2005

Could be a faulty screen. Is the laptop still under warranty?

  PeterPaul 12:31 16 Oct 2005

Thanks, Methedrine - no, it's not - it's five years old. I may be heaed for a new machine, then!

  amonra 13:41 16 Oct 2005

Press GENTLY on the edges of the screen top and bottom to see if it disappears. Sometimes the connection to the screen get corroded by ingress of moisture (coffee ?). It probably wont solve the problem but it may give you a clue as to what's wrong. Best of luck ....

  fuzzball 13:56 16 Oct 2005

I repair laptops for a living and its usually the lcd flex cable, if your lucky, or the lcd itself.

  muscic lover 14:13 16 Oct 2005

Have you dropped it? or subjected it to a nasty shock?!
If not i agree with Fuzzball!!!!

  PeterPaul 14:43 16 Oct 2005

Thanks, amonra, fuzzball and musiclover

I will try pressing the screen.

The only nasty shock I have subjected it to is upgrading to Windows XP.

  PeterPaul 18:01 16 Oct 2005

I pressed/flexed the screen as suggested, and the green line disappears temporarily, so your diagnosis of a cable fault is probably correct.

Thanks for the help, and pointing me in the right direction.

Does anybody know what a repair of the lcd cable would cost?

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