Vertical distortions on BIOS and Windows Splash Sc

  t.long 17:17 10 Jan 2010

When I switch on my computer there are series of vertical coloured lines which extend all the way from the bottom of the screen to the top. These lines only appear during botting from the moments the Bios info comes up to the Windows splash scree. Once Windows is loaded they disapear.

A little background, which I doubt is relevant but who knows. I was playing a game which crashed, Windows 7 then disabled my Graphics Card ( Gefore 8800 GTX) so I downloaded a new driver then Windows refused to start. Several attempts at repairig failed. I was able to disable the driver in safe mode, but Win7 still refused to boot normaly. I have also tried with Vista. If I use the latest driver Windows will not boot, but works fine with generic drivers in Vista.

I doubt these two things are relatted, but would just like to know if the graphical problem encountered at startup is symptomatic of a failure in the motherbord or graphics card? Any help would be appreciated. Just to add I have not flashed my BIOS. Motherboard is an ASUS P5. I also have a fairly hefty Corsair PSU which has behaved perfectly for 2 or so years so doubt that is the problem.

  GaT7 17:21 10 Jan 2010

Try a System Restore to a point before the game crashed. G

  zarobian 17:40 10 Jan 2010

Check the cable to your display at both ends. Make sure it is secure.Next is to reseat your graphic card if fitted.First try the cable.

  Graphicool1 17:45 10 Jan 2010

I'm running WinXP SP3, I was told if I wanted to move up to Win7 I should upgrade all my drivers. including Geforce, However the latest GeForce driver doesn't work with WinXP - as you have found out - the hard way!

The upshot is, when I run Win7 compatibility test on my present set up I am told it won't run without updating to the latest graphic driver, which - as I've already said - it won't run with.

Luckily for me, I am happy with XP and don't want to upgrade to 7.

I'm sorry to say that as I see it, if Crossbow7's solution doesn't work, you'll either have to live with the start up anomaly or get a new graphics card!

  Graphicool1 17:46 10 Jan 2010

'However the latest GeForce driver doesn't work with Win7'

  OTT_Buzzard 18:10 10 Jan 2010

After trying zarobian's suggestions, if you have an option in the BIOS for PnP OS (yes / no), set it to No. If you get a little bit lucky it may help.

Other than that, your PSU could still be an issue as the onboard graphics BIOS decides on power consumption until the drivers are loaded. It may be that it is requiring more than your PSU can supply during boot.

  t.long 22:25 10 Jan 2010

Should just add that I tried system restore but with no luck. Maybe worth having another crack at getting into Safe mode and going back further.

Graphicool1 - Appreciate the comments on the driver, its comforting to know others have the same issue, hopefuly it will be solved shortly.

zarobian - Cable is good, though I suppose its best to try with a second DVI cable to make sure. However since the fault only occur at the specific times I doubt it is the cable/card. I will try resiting (and giveing the slot a going over with an air duster) the card tomorrow.

My main concern at the moment is if the problem is indicative of a hardware problem with ether the graphics card or motherboard.

  t.long 12:04 16 Jan 2010

I am now fairly sure this is a hardware problem, so going to mark this as solved.

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