verrrryy sssllow computer

  ABI2GAIL 23:13 25 Oct 2005

I am doing up an old computer and have formatted it, put windows 98SE and word back on it along with broadband internet. It has a pent II processor, 160 mb ram and 4GB of hard drive. It runs fine until i log on to the internet then it slows down big time. Can anyone give me any ideas y? Thanks

  Trackrat 23:17 25 Oct 2005

Are you using a firewall and antivirus software?.

  ABI2GAIL 23:21 25 Oct 2005

No, not yet managed to download one.

  Trackrat 23:25 25 Oct 2005

You will most certainly have a virus or a trojan on the computer, suggest you google for AVG anti virus and Zone alarm firewall, install those two then add a spyware eliminator like Spybot S & D or adawre.

  ABI2GAIL 23:33 25 Oct 2005

So you dont think it is anything to do with the size or the system i am running?

  Skills 23:56 25 Oct 2005

Research has been done and it takes hardly any time for a computer connected to the internet with no protection to become infected.

I would say that you most probably have become infected with some nasty.

  ABI2GAIL 23:59 25 Oct 2005

Have now put AVG on and nothing has been infected

  splork 00:01 26 Oct 2005

click here
Run this and watch the CPU % column when you go online,may reveal what is slowing the system down.

  Skills 00:27 26 Oct 2005

Download some antispyware apps as well such as spybot and adware in case you have a spyware problem

  rawprawn 11:11 26 Oct 2005

click here Download and run this free program. Run both Cleaner and also Scan for Issues. You can delete anything it finds.

  Jdoki 11:34 26 Oct 2005

Are you connecting via broadband or dial-up?

If dial-up then let us know what modem you are using.

I used to have an old Pentium 60, the modem I installed ate up a lot of CPU time and slowed things down.

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