iashem 13:21 06 Sep 2003

Norton anti-virus 2004 found this virus VerifierBug.class on my system after a virus scan. Norton claims it is a trojan. I have sygate personal firewall installed and it has not recognised any outgoing traffic with this virus. please could somebody give me more information

  muppetmark 13:27 06 Sep 2003

This click here suggests it could be related to Kazaa.

  iashem 15:56 06 Sep 2003

i dont use kazaa

  muppetmark 16:14 06 Sep 2003

You could try Swatit antitrojan scanner from click here or an online A/V scan at click here to see if anything shows up

  iashem 13:16 07 Sep 2003

the virus was quarintined as norton was unable to repair or delete it, i wish to know where it came from as it doesn't seem to be widely publised

  [email protected] 13:28 07 Sep 2003

Norton found the same problem on my system a few days ago. I was (and am) a bit puzzled too. My first ever encounter with a virus as it happens!

  mark500 14:11 07 Sep 2003

Hi all. After some frustrating moments I think I may have found the culprit. If you tpe msconfig in the run box click the startup tab and uncheck the entry for winlogon.exe. Before you do that however delete the winlogon.exe file from C:\Windows. Just done this myself and everything seems ok.

  iashem 09:25 08 Sep 2003

i dont have winlogon.exe in the startup tab thanks for your help

  Jester2K II 09:34 08 Sep 2003

Try Spybot click here - apparently this is a DSO exploit: Data source object exploit.

Install Spybot, UPDATE IT, then run the scan.

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