Veiwing Web Pages

  dogbreath1 14:29 14 Jun 2010

The following site is visible for some folk but not for others.

click here

It's not a browser issue.

What's the likely cause?

  T I M B O 14:30 14 Jun 2010

check java & flash

click here

click here

  dogbreath1 14:37 14 Jun 2010

Thanks for the response, but that's not the issue.

The site has stopped working for a limited number of people at around 8.00pm yesterday.

DNS issue?

  T I M B O 14:39 14 Jun 2010

oic,,, yes sites do go down sometimes. sometimes i take mine down when updating.

  woodchip 14:45 14 Jun 2010

if Wireless it may be like me.

Just had Wireless Problems, as though it Connected okay to Router, it was not loading pages even after a reboot of Router. I changed wireless channel from 7 to 5 at all now works

  dogbreath1 14:53 14 Jun 2010

The page is, at the moment, visible to some folk but not to others.

  woodchip 14:56 14 Jun 2010

The Page Works for me using Flock Browser

  dogbreath1 14:58 14 Jun 2010

Yup, and it works for me using Firefox and Opera....but it's not working for many others using Firefox.

  Sea Urchin 15:49 14 Jun 2010

If it's working for you then I don't see what the problem is. Who are these "many other people" you refer to? I've just asked half a dozen contacts to try the site using Firefox and they can all access it with no problem.

Or perhaps you work for HPWebDesigns?

  Sea Urchin 15:51 14 Jun 2010

Your website wouldn't by any chance be called HomePC-Security would it?

  dogbreath1 16:10 14 Jun 2010

Nothing sinister, mate.

An acquaintance of mine asked whether the site was visible to me because it wasn't to her and a number of her colleagues. Simple as that really.

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