jono0630 08:38 09 Oct 2003

please can anyone help ??????
ive just installed a new program i need for work and it installed fine. BUT when i try to open it i get a message saying the file or folder veiw32.exe cannot be found....i am on running on windows 98....any one please help ????

  Jester2K II 08:43 09 Oct 2003

I think this means you don't have QuickTime installed.

Whats the program you installed?

  jono0630 09:01 09 Oct 2003

the program is just some data files from work but it also contains some images .how can i tell if ive not got quick time installed ive looked in programs & files and cant see anything so it looks like you are right and this is the problem is it poss to download quick time from anywhere

  Jester2K II 09:06 09 Oct 2003

click here

Its about 11Mb

Might be available on Magazine cover disks though...

  jono0630 09:09 09 Oct 2003

cheer jester i think that will sirt it .....

  Jester2K II 09:12 09 Oct 2003

"the program is just some data files "

Data files aren't programs.

"it also contains some images" - possible that view32.exe is an image viewer.

Is this something your work has made? If so before making huge downloads i would check with them what requiremetns are needed on your PC.

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