Vehicle warning alarm and reversing system?.

  spuds 13:33 08 Dec 2014

Not a computer question, but I was wondering if any member on this forum as any experiences of this type of warning reversing device. click here

  wee eddie 17:26 08 Dec 2014

Just a guess: The reversing sensors on my taxi are built into the bumper. If the were built into the Reversing Light's Moulding they would be too high to see, Raised Curbs and dead bodies!

As pointed out, the Warning would be unlikely to be popular in a domestic situation, it's bad enough in the high street.

  spuds 17:40 08 Dec 2014

Thanks guys for the input.

I have placed an order for the pair, so its now a case of waiting for delivery, and see how they perform. The noise thing did cross my mind, hence the posting about experience of using this type of device, because I cannot find the decibel ratings for these.

  tullie 18:17 08 Dec 2014

Mine are built in to the bumper and only give an audible noise inside the car,would you hear outside fitted device?

  bumpkin 18:38 08 Dec 2014

These would appear just to bleep when reversing which is pretty pointless other than to alert pedestrians. You may be confusing them with reversing sensors which usually fit in the bumper and give an internal audio warning indicating your distance from anything behind.

  tullie 19:19 08 Dec 2014

Good point Bumpkin.

  Ian in Northampton 20:43 08 Dec 2014

I've had them on all my recent cars - but my wife's cars have have never had them. This caused me to pretty much write off one of her cars... You get so used to reversing by ear - so if you're reversing in a car without sensors, but forget you don't have sensors, you back up, without really looking where you're going, waiting for the sensors to kick in. Problem was, I used my wife's car to take a load of rubbish down to the tip - and reversed, rather fast, into a skip. You have been warned...

  compumac 21:00 08 Dec 2014

I read it that they are a reversing warning to others - not for the driver and that they are not sensors to warn YOU and prevent YOU from reversing into something.

  spuds 10:25 09 Dec 2014

It would seem that some people are perhaps getting confused. This is the way I see it, is that they are basically a combined rear standard wattage reversing light with added warning sound to alert anyone in proximity of a reversing vehicle.

All it needs is a bulb change, and not any complicated wiring exercise via a gearbox reverse sensor or switch.

My concern was the 'loudness' these device's provide, and whether it would be more noticeable inside the vehicle or outside, which might become an annoyance inside a standard car or van etc, due to the enclosed surrounding, and the rear lighting provisions. The sound outside also might be screened due to the light fitment on the vehicle.

I have ordered via the advert, and will see if they work like I want them to, or whether its a case of just an experiment, and a waste of time.

  mole1944 10:58 09 Dec 2014

My Ford Fiesta has a rear camera the picture come up on the rear view mirror so i can see where i'm reversing to,but the buzzer is a good idea to let others know your reversing.

  bumpkin 17:04 09 Dec 2014

I can see the uses for them on vehicles with limited rear vision (most of which have a similar system) but not for general use. You still need to look anyway when reversing and should see anybody or anything in the way, I can't see how making a noise whilst doing so really helps. I would have thought that the standard reversing lights were a clear enough indication to others. There are enough bleeping noises already without adding to them unnecessarily.

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