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vDSL & High speed broadband

  Spock999 11:23 17 Apr 2012

BT have just laid fibre optic cabling in our area and I have the option of moving to much faster broadband. I am with BT at the moment and am relatively happy with their service (Total Broadband 3) and I would be moving to their BT Infinity 2 option (nominal 76Mb speed).

However, I am currently using a Draytek 2710n ADSL router and would have to change to one that will cope with vDSL (are they backwards compatible with ADSL). I use the wireless for laptops etc but connect our main PCs (2) via ethernet RJ-45 cables. (Windows 7 PC)

Any advice on the implications and what I have to think about would be appreciated.

  Spock999 17:39 21 Apr 2012

I have to say I am not a fan of BT kit. If you read the BT forums, they have had quite a number of problems with the kit. What is putting me off is the BT refusal to give decent technical advice so you can decide for yourself what you need.

The other complication is that the phone comes in at avery inconvenient point and I have laid wiring so that I can have the ADSL router in my dining room at the opposite corner of the house where the phone comes in. That wiring will need to be replaced with their data extension kit as the existing wires cannot take the high speed data transmissions.

It is beginning to look like its too much trouble to bother especially when I can't work out costs etc beforehand - which is unfortunate.

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