VCR-Pc-DvD+Pinnacle Fusion

  TTP 15:19 10 Aug 2004


Im trying to get an old (recorded from tv) concert onto DvD, obviously for arcvhiving perposes, using my pinnacle fusion capture system, which works perfectly for my analogue video transfer. Unfortunately not for a VCR (using scart to rca converter) because no signal is detected by the fusion - do VCR's not output through the scart socket? Im just off to visit a site from another post then Im going to the Pinnacle forum for a search around i maybe back around 1900 today.

  WiLL-A 16:06 10 Aug 2004

Does your VCR have just the 1 scart socket? If so then it could be that it is a SCART IN and cannot output any signal whatsoever.

  pj123 16:10 10 Aug 2004

I use the Dazzle Fusion USB capture unit which works perfectly. There are no Scart sockets on this unit, it uses phono leads. It came with Pinnacle Studio 8 which I found was useless as the sound sync was out by about 2 seconds. I now capture using the Dazzle Fusion but burn to DVD using Sonic MyDVD which is absolutely magic.

  TTP 18:18 10 Aug 2004

I have tried 3 different VCR's they are : 1)16 yrs old 1 scart socket ; 2)Tv/video combo 2 yrs old 1 scart socket ; 3)7 yrs old 2 scart sockets-both sockets tried.No joy.
I think it was you who reccommended the 'Dazzle Fusion' usb with Pinnacle Studio 8 any way, and yes it does indeed use phono leads but my VCR's do not - its funy how not wording something correctly causes confusion ! - and it does indeed do a good capture job. I haven't noticed any sync out yet.

I have tried re-installation of drivers/software etc and capture settings aswell.
Im off to the Pinnacle forum now.

  TOMMO01 21:28 10 Aug 2004

I would expect a scart socket to be for Video out. So in theory it should work.

It can be confusing, I know from experience, in making sure the scart cable is actually to correct one, not wido in, but video out. If you have got a cable with scart on one end and phono type on the other end, it could be that the cable is only for input. Try a different cable.

You also might need to make sure that the VCR knows it is to output via the scart cable. On mine, I have to set the vcr to AV OUTPUT.

Good luck.

  cga 21:37 10 Aug 2004

I have a similar setup but my cable has a SCART on one end and the 3 phono on the other. The thing is that mine is a 2-way cable so, on the SCART, there is an IN/OUT switch.

If you do not have such a switch then you need to ensure that the cable is the correct direction.

The VCR is almost certainly able to use the SCART for both In & out (this is normal operation so that you can record or play programs with a TV)

  TTP 21:43 10 Aug 2004

I will keep tinkering with the setup/settings and post back. Meanwhile I'll head off to the & pinnacle forums again as a few things came up earlier.

  SEASHANTY 23:50 10 Aug 2004

Scart connector connections click here
and VCR to DVD transfer
click here

  SEASHANTY 00:09 11 Aug 2004

This website suggests a way of copying analog VHS to digital input on PC hard drive by using the Firewire input on PC. Apparently this can be done if you have a digital camcorder which also has analog input. Simply by connecting the VHS analog output on
VCR to the analog input on DV Camcorder then output
from DV output on camcorder to PC firewire input.
click here

  TTP 18:53 11 Aug 2004

I have checked the links provided above and have deduced that my scart adapter is input only not bi-directional, as the VCR will play through a scart lead onto the TV but the adapter+Rca leads do not play on the TV at all (I have rca connections on the TV aswell as 2 scart sockets).I will purchase a input/output scart adapter and try that.I'll post back once ive done that. Bye for now !

  TTP 18:08 13 Aug 2004

Bought a new input/output switched adapter for £4 and it works ok. Cheers chaps....!!! ;-)

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