VCR to DVD. no signal.

  nick_j007 20:50 25 Jul 2008

I'm unable to preview or capture a signal from my VCR once connected via the composite cable between the correct yellow plugs (from VCR to Hauppauge card)

Am I missing something obvious?

Running Windows XP - Win TV PVR PCI II

I have updated the cards driver today, but no change.

Thank you.


  nick_j007 18:37 28 Jul 2008

Just to refresh this subject.

I know that the VCR is outputting correctly, as I hooked it up to a portable last night, so VCR is good.

Device manager shows the card as working ok, and no problems reported. How else can I check that the card is working ok?


In hope, Nick

  woodchip 18:43 28 Jul 2008

Have you had a look in the Hauppauge card Software Settings to choose capture device to use

  nick_j007 20:12 28 Jul 2008

Hi Woodchip.

Can't see any tabs under the 'All Programmes' section.

I am using Pinnacle 12 Ultimate to capture, and this allows me under my capture sources to go down and choose Hauppauge as the source, but I get nothing...just fuzz.

Out of interest when using Nero software to capture video, this is also not showing a display (yes the video is on and running).

Another quirk is that when I go to my Logitech web cam software, I can just about see a very mixed up image as it is received from the VCR.

I can't think of adding any software that has screwed this up. Having said that, the last time I was capturing was with Nero, and it went fine. Since installing and running Pinnacle I've got the problem...I wonder if the two are at conflict?

Maybe worth removing Nero (being the lesser useful of the two now) and see if that helps?

Thank you,


  nick_j007 22:06 28 Jul 2008

I've removed Nero and no improvement :(

Might need to try this at an AV forum.


  €dstowe 22:15 28 Jul 2008

Is the Hauppauge card and associated software set to accept VCR output?

  woodchip 22:55 28 Jul 2008

Did you say that you chose your Video player in Pinnacle Settings as the input source?

  nick_j007 23:14 28 Jul 2008

You know, I can find no software in relation to my card wherever I look!

Is that right? It came pre installed in my Dell Dimension 9150.

So from that point of view I can't look at any settings.

Yes, VCR input button checked in Pinnacle. No difference either way.

As I say, not long ago prior to Pinnacle installation, it worked ok via Nero, but now neither work!

  woodchip 23:28 28 Jul 2008

Your card should have a Folder in Program Files or in the Route of C:\

  woodchip 23:31 28 Jul 2008

PS you could also go to Hauppauge site and download drivers and software for it. i used to use a Analog one, thats what I did above to keep it up to date

  nick_j007 23:57 28 Jul 2008

Looked earlier in C drive and Programmes folder...nothing.
A search reveled nothing also.
Updated driver very recently, will look for software what will it be called?

I assume it would start with an 'H' for Hauppauge?!

Quick look at their site and off to bed.

Many thanks indeed.

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