[email protected] 19:46 15 Apr 2004

I have some films that I want to burn as vcd to play on my home dvd player. The films are too long too fit on a disc. Do I have to split them in half and put them on two discs? If so, how? Thanks

  Legolas 20:40 15 Apr 2004

Have a look here click here

  [email protected] 10:19 18 Apr 2004

Ok I have TMPGEnc how do I cut it in half?

  NGE 10:24 18 Apr 2004

use the mpegs tool in the file menu options. it will have merge and cut.

  [email protected] 12:58 18 Apr 2004

I can't seem to find it. I have TMPGEnc author.

  [email protected] 15:28 18 Apr 2004


  [email protected] 16:30 24 Apr 2004


  grabster 16:41 24 Apr 2004

what format are your files ? if mpeg you can use vcdgear to convert/split your files to how many disks it takes... generally two or three.
plenty of help here click here
and here click here
let us know how you get on.

  TonyG 17:21 24 Apr 2004

If you're new to dvd ripping one of the easiest, and free, programmes to use is eazyvcd which can be downloaded from here click here.

  Sunil 18:17 24 Apr 2004

I am using Roxio easy Cd Creator 6 and Its really good. You can Split file into two and put them on two cd

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