VCD Problem

  pj123 14:59 23 Sep 2003

Making a VCD using Nero Burn (to show a slide show on TV using my DVD player) is very simple, except it seems to have a 99 file limit. So, I thought I would use the NTI CD-Maker Deluxe that came free on the cover disk for PC Advisor Magazine November 2003. Does everything it says. "The complete and easy cd burning solution" Music, Data, Photos, Video etc. On install, it doesn't like Nero burn so it deletes some of Nero files to enable it to install. OK, I thought so what. When I tried to make a VCD and add 244 jpeg photos all I get is an error message for every file saying something like "not a valid mpeg file". Well of course they aren't they are jpeg stills. So, is this another hyped up programme or am I doing something wrong? All I want to do is make a slide show that contains more than the Nero limit of 99 files.

  mark500 16:13 23 Sep 2003

click here

Nip over here and look at the guides.

  pj123 17:51 24 Sep 2003

Thanks mark500, saved your link for future reference. Going back to Nero Burn for the time being, in view of other comments on the forum about NTI CD-Maker.

  siouxah1 18:31 24 Sep 2003

As an alternative try irfanview from here click here which is free. Not tried it myself but should do what you require.

Otherwise it is a cash outlay for such as Ulead DVD Picture show. Many more of course.

  keenan 18:42 24 Sep 2003

Use the link provided by 'siouxah1,for infranview
and download plugins for Nero.
This is a very easy,free program that works great with nero - with great results.

  Qmar 20:28 24 Sep 2003

.only my personal experience: don?t do anything complex.. e.g.ulead picturshow with complex menu.. CD-R's don?t make good VCD's.have you viewed any work yet?

  pj123 14:27 25 Sep 2003

To all. I have irfanview but it doesn't actually do the burn, or if it does, I haven't found it yet. I also have Ulead DVD from a free cover disk but it also has a limit of 99 slides, although I did notice it also said you can have 99 shows with 99 in each. That's about 10,000 altogether, but maybe not on the free version. I will give Ulead some intense practice. At the moment I have only seen a friends effort of a VCD done with Nero, but only about 40 to 50 slides on it, it seems pretty good to me. I haven't even got a DVD player yet, but I am getting into it.

Have a look at VCD Easy from click here
there is a free version available with some features disabled.

  siouxah1 22:14 25 Sep 2003


Had another look at irfanview.

The burn cd is under file/slideshow.

Once you have set up requirements and pictures click on 'burn to CD'

The nero addon must be installed. Use 'all plug ins' from the irfanview download. Also make sure you have updated NERO to the latest of the 5 series.

It worked for me.

  pj123 10:16 26 Sep 2003

@[email protected] thanks for the link, have downloaded it, will look at it later.

siouxah1, will have another go at that, Thanks.

  pj123 15:40 26 Sep 2003

siouxah1, Have downloaded all the plugins but there is still no Burn CD in File/slideshow?

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