Sunil 09:10 09 Mar 2003


I have downloded few movies of the internet but I donot know how to put them on cdr so I can watch them on my tele. Could someone tell me how to do this and what programme I need to convert these files in to VCD and where can I find them.

thanks in advance

  Richard Madeley 09:14 09 Mar 2003

Everything you'll need: click here

  MAJ 10:55 09 Mar 2003

Your CD burning software should be able to create a VCD. To watch them on your TV, you will need a DVD player which is capable of playing VCDs, I think most of them are nowadays. You can watch them on your computer via Windows Media Player.

  Sunil 15:45 09 Mar 2003

Yes But i need some programme to split the file into 650mb or 700mb

  Joe McG 15:55 09 Mar 2003


Both nero and easy cd creator, will convert them and allow you to put them on to CD. (1 or multiples)

  tran1 17:09 09 Mar 2003

First of all, you will need to convert the movie into Mpeg-1 format as this is what VCD is (If it is not already)Movies oftem come in AVI/DIV/Xvid formats. You can use a program called 'TMPGEnc' that will can convert and also help you put the movie onto as many disks as you like. You can get TMPGEnc from click here .

You can tell it to convert the first half of the movie and the second half separatly giving you two parts.

The alternative is to, encode the whole movie and you a program to slpit the movie.

Richard Madeley's link is a very good resource for info on VCD burning.

  Tinkey Winkey 23:21 09 Mar 2003

TMPGEnc can split your mpeg1 file so you can burn seperate cd's

  Sunil 09:14 10 Mar 2003


I have downloaded TMPGEnc But when I try to use it I mean encode the movie it says the file is too big to write on a disk And I can,t see where I can tell the programme to split the file.

  Sunny-275842 09:59 10 Mar 2003

should'nt it be in the options?

  davidg_richmond 10:20 10 Mar 2003

when you get past the first screen where you selected the file, you see at the top Source Range, slikc the tick box and the movie will appear. you can drag the scroll bar along to roughly half of the film, click end point (might be different, working from memory here). next page should tell you if you are close or not. make a note of the end point number.

once you have done, that and encoded, go back through and start from the number you noted and this will get you the second half of the film

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