iashem 13:14 15 Dec 2003

does anyone have any good software to create vcd's for a LG GCE-8320 cd writer

  Sheila-214876 13:24 15 Dec 2003

If the software that came with your CD Writer was Nero Burn then it has VCD burning software.

  stlucia 13:54 15 Dec 2003

... and if it was Roxio, it also has a VCD burning option.

  stlucia 13:56 15 Dec 2003

But to answer your question more fully, if software came with your drive, check out its help file. If the burner came with no software, Nero and Roxio seem to be the industry standards for CD burners.

  Focus_On 14:21 15 Dec 2003

download nero trial from click here

  Sheila-214876 14:27 15 Dec 2003

stlucia, yes agree. But to answer the question, "does anyone have any good software to create vcd's for a LG GCE-8320 cd writer" Well, yes I have Ulead DVD Pictureshow but you have to pay for it. Does he/she mean "Is there any free software to make VCDs out there" Which case, I don't know. I use DVD Pictureshow to make slideshows of my pics to show on TV. Nero only allows 99 pictures on a CD (32 to 40mb on a 650mb cd seems a waste) but DVD Pictureshow allows upto 99 slideshows with upto 99 pics in each

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