VBS.SEARCHWWW.COM giving me headache!

  bryrach 14:50 24 Sep 2004

I'm plauged by the following pop-up which I can't get rid off. Even running Spybot and Adaware its still there. Every so often up pops aninternet page telling me I've had this spyware prog installed on my PC and to hit a link to help get rid of it. I've restisted hitting the link so far, but is it the only way to be rid of this pesky problem. The dreaded pop-up is:
click here. Any assistance in ridding myself of this headache would be appreciated.

  SANTOS7 14:52 24 Sep 2004

click here this may help

  SANTOS7 14:56 24 Sep 2004

Most homepage highjackers as a matter of law have to supply an unstaller it may well be that what its asking you to do may be the resolve to your problem,good luck

  Molded 15:05 24 Sep 2004

mmm! annoying little blighter isn't it?

I had it a little while ago but this fella shifted it - and one or two others I wasn't aware of.

click here

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