VBA Script in Excel

  Neophyle 03:49 30 Dec 2003

Good morning all,

I know this isn't really much of a "technical" issue but I'm real stuck on summin and am hopin someone can help.

Basically, I am creating a spreadsheet that will be used as a "Holiday Booking Form"

It has 5 drop down boxes with information in such as Day, Month, Date, Time From & Time To. There are also 2 buttons "Book" & "Cancel"

what I need is help with the VBA code to make it possible to choose a date and time for the holiday, press BOOK and for the details to appear in a cell(s) below, ideally I would like the CANCEL button make the pre-booked holiday appear in a different colour.

If anyone can help at all or point me in the right direction, it'd be much appreciated!!!

Cheers in advance all!!


  VoG II 09:56 30 Dec 2003

Is this form is going to be used to book a single holiday or to keep a record of a series of bookings?

If it is to be used for a single booking then you won't need much VBA. If you right click on a drop-down box and select Format Control you will see a Cell Link box on the Control tab. Put in the cell reference where you want the selection to be copied to. You wouldn't need a Book button then, either.

The easiest way to get your Cancel button to work is to record a macro to change the cells as you want.Then right click the button, select Assign Macro and assign the macro you've just recorded.

If the form is going to be used for a series of bookings we'll need a lot more information about how the sheet is laid out, the names of the drop downs (as shown in the Names box) and so on.

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