VBA satisfaction

  Bandy 11:21 14 Mar 2004

One of the reasons I like computers so much is that they keep my brain active, and over the last few days that has brought me great satisfaction.

For various reasons a friend needed a form to enter information into Excel and the only way I could find to do this was using vba. Never having done this before the task appeared quite daunting and whilst reading up on the subject my first reaction was to say get someone else to do it. But I don't like giving in.

So after a couple of days I got the basic (sorry) idea and have now completed the job for him. Seeing his delight at being easily able to enter information in a way that suited him made the effort involved worthwhile,

However that satisfaction is nothing to that given eith the knowledge that my brain is not dying with age but is still able to accept and handle new information,

I look forward to more challenges, and learning more - and hope others gain similar enjoyment

  Les 21:22 06 Apr 2004


Everything you have written applies to me too - exactly! Amazing! I couldn't have written it better!

With Forums like these with it's helpful members I don't think our brains will get addled - not for a while.

From one old 'un to another, keep up the good work.


  VoG II 21:34 06 Apr 2004


  Simsy 22:36 06 Apr 2004

(Though I'm still mid forties!)



  118-118 Got Your Number 23:35 06 Apr 2004

In Excel to create a basic input form all he had to do was;

Create his headers in the column or row. Highlight them and the column/row beside it and then choose Data from the menu bar and then select Form.

Voila un forme ;)

  VoG II 23:56 06 Apr 2004

I think that you have missed the point, entirely.

Programming gives you a whole new way of expressing yourself. Your thoughts are encapsulated in the code. It is clever. And most of all it worls

Plus there is loads that you can only do in Excel by using VBA.

  woodchip 23:58 06 Apr 2004

And how old are you 16 or 18

  118-118 Got Your Number 10:48 07 Apr 2004

I appreciate programming yourself is satisfying, I also use VBA. And sometimes using VBA is the only solution. But my point was why reinvent the wheel.

Woodchip - neither.

  Bandy 13:14 07 Apr 2004

Sorry for not replying earlier but I've been at my daughters building computers for her and the grandchildren. Unfortunately they all think that their needs come before my comeing here and enjoying myself - particularly the youngest grandchild who can nothing but her Sats at the moment, and thus the need for her computer to be upgraded.

Anyway I'm delighted that there are so many others who also have a sense of adventure still lurking within them, and who have the courage to take advantage of it.

In response to 118-118 Got Your Number I would say YES you're correct there is an easy way in Excel but it doesn't give the pictorial sort of form my friend needs. You see to him forms are traditional objects with borders around squares that you can fill in and which have a particular kind of layout.

So I listened to him and then went off to think about how to do it. That's how I came to the design idea.

The main point though is that in the end I got more out of it than him, although he got his form, I got the ability to design lots more of them memory permitting of course.

Best wishes to everyone and thank you.

  seedie 15:54 07 Apr 2004

I'm thinking of taking up VBA myself for precisely the same reason and wondered if you could send me a copy of your masterpiece please? an attachment will do fine. Thanks


  Bandy 18:56 07 Apr 2004


Of course I will

However it may be a couple of days before I get back home again. Had a delay at my daughters because Two new hard disks have failed and I'm waiting for delivery of the replacements. It should have been today but they're late.

Will send them as soon as I get back home

PS Masterpieces they are not but they do what was asked

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