Vast amounts of memory makes

  alphi300 09:16 30 Jun 2005

Ive just recieved some new memory for my laptop at a good price.
Thinking i would get a major brand, But what arrived was a make called (Elixir) which ive never heard of. Although it is the right type, is it a Third party make of inferior quality or what.?
Professional advise would be much appreciated.

  Indigo 1 10:35 30 Jun 2005

Often Major Brand hardware is just re-branded from a different manufacturer sometimes it is the Major Brand that is being sold under a different name. It is better to check with the manufacturer and ask why you did not get what you expected.

  Stuartli 10:37 30 Jun 2005

But it was "at a good price"...:-)

  Indigo 1 10:47 30 Jun 2005

Missed that bit ... thanks .....I think that explains it.

  Stuartli 10:52 30 Jun 2005

Bit more on Elixir:

click here

click here

click here

  alphi300 11:51 30 Jun 2005

Thanks all for your help, The links were very helpful Stuartli, Seems that the spec of the memory is ok, but i suppose only time will tell!!
Just for a bit of info i bought it from Misco the prices were excellent.

click here

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