varries download speeds why?

  LANDCRUISER 16:44 24 Feb 2009

i using aol for the internet but recently i been moniting the speeds with broadband max & the speed have varried from 775 to 6070 download & upload from 299 to 355 why? ive contacted aol & they tell me i should get up to 8megs,what can i do to sort this out any comments welcomed,i using a netgear modem router adsl2+ with-4 port 10/100 mbps switch DG834

  LANDCRUISER 16:58 25 Feb 2009

hi tech guy sorry not getting back to you earlier was having problems on aol getting to my postings,what other sites do you recommend,surely the speeds should not be so far apart,i did some test one after a minute & they were completly different

  LANDCRUISER 21:39 25 Feb 2009

where do you find sync & what is p2p & what does it do tech guy,i have no spyware using norton 360 spybot,adaware

  LANDCRUISER 23:55 25 Feb 2009

i know how to log into netgear wil have a look later,a glass of wine will go nicely with my cheese & biscult

  LANDCRUISER 20:09 27 Feb 2009

had a look into netgear & the reading showing here are 7616 down & 448 up im not getting anyware near that,i just taken a reading with broadband max & its showing 1036 down & 343 up,any ideas

  LANDCRUISER 21:04 28 Feb 2009

hi tech guy,im using a wired connection,i have run four spyware programs,all is well,i do not use use kazaa or emule ect,tried new filter & rj45 & cable, my friends all have desktops so cant try this,contacted aol & they say i should be getting 8megs & nothing wrong

  LANDCRUISER 18:54 01 Mar 2009

hi there,i try & phone aol on monday & let you know what they say,what is second line tech support,is it new or are they more experiance at my problem

  LANDCRUISER 13:16 02 Mar 2009

will they pass me to them straight away or will they want to have a go first

  LANDCRUISER 11:53 03 Mar 2009

thank tech guy will give them a go when i have a spare afternoon i will tick as resolved & start a new thread if needed

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