Various windows 'stop' messages

  blackstorm2k 15:22 01 Aug 2004

If any of you understand Windows stop messages please help!

Since I've bought this new 120GB SATA harddrive, windows crashes on me once every 24hrs or so with either a '0xD1, 0xA, 0x8E or 0x7E' stop message. It's never usually the same one. I've looked all these up on microsofts webby and they seem to point to .sys files but remain completely unrelated. Therefore I reinstalled windows thinking this should solve it (ie complete format). But a day after I'd installed windows, I get another bloody stop message of a similar nature.
I will now trying using my old harddrive again to see if that does the same, then I know it's a hardware fault.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  howard60 16:03 01 Aug 2004

if you do not have the very latest mobo and the latest updates of your bios - running a SATA drive will be a nightmare

  blackstorm2k 17:20 01 Aug 2004

Thanks for that! I'm a bit of a noob at this sort of thing but how do you go about updating your BIOS?


  zootmo 17:25 01 Aug 2004

Check this site click here or click here for info on STOP errors

  blackstorm2k 19:53 01 Aug 2004

I've already looked at those sites and it doesn't help me much cos each time I sem to get a different error message, but thanks anyway.

I think it's the harddrive as all these problems started pretty much after I'd bought my new harddrive, and they all point to the same batch of system files (processr.sys, emu10k1f.sys and win32k.sys).
Think I'll send it back and get a good ol' EIDE one instead.

Although it only crashes about once every 24hrs, it's enough to be annoying.

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