Various updates take ages to install

  john bunyan 21:58 13 Aug 2014

Most regulars here are reasonably PC savvy, I suspect. I wonder if casual users spend so much time on maintenance? Today, on a laptop I only use every few days, I spent almost the whole evening on maintenance as follows: 1.An iTunes update, 2.Adobe reader update. 3.Avira (free) major update - a bit complicated. 4. 14 Windows updates. 5. Long Avira scan,6. CCleaner scan and reg clean.7. Create restore point before fiddling with registry to install Avira web orotection. And so on. Earlier I did similar things on a relative's laptop, plus making an image .

I find that some relatives etc do few of these things. When asked to help them I find ADWCleaner, Malawarebytes and Superantispyware often finf problems. How widespread is this, I wonder?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:06 14 Aug 2014

I expect its very common as for most people the PC / laptop is just a tool - to write emails / play games / browse the web (hence the move to tablets).

The average user doesn't have a clue (or care) about how it works, as long as it does the job.

When it starts failing they then get the repairman in or sling it and buy another:0) Only yesterday some one commented about my 6yr old Toshiba satellite laptop saying they used to have one but it slowed down so they got rid.

Some of us are DIYers or tinkerers (see an old thread about people who have to fiddle with their PCs) and will maintain and repair our own appliances.

My wife has finally realised I can't throw anything away until I have had a go at taking it apart and trying to fix it :0)

  sunnystaines 11:15 14 Aug 2014

when an update is running slow it is often caused ny another update running in the background you are unaware of. adobe reader will often run its update hidden in the background and you will not notice till you get a pop up at the end of the update. AV programs are another if only they could send a pop up saying updating av defs.

  john bunyan 14:31 14 Aug 2014

My point was not so much about automatic updates and scans, but maintenance such as making a restore point prior to installing a new programme, defragging, making an image or a clone regularly, making frequent data back ups - and so on. Most of my younger relatives are very lax in those areas.

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