Various PC problems, HELP ME PLEASE!

  darkchocolat 19:17 12 Feb 2019

Hi, so at the end of 2018 my HDD (around 4 years) started to give up on me. So I went to amazon and bought a complete identical replacement and that's been working fine up until now. The issue with both of them being the constant blue screens with different reasons for error. I'm now wondering if I got unlucky with a 2nd faulty HDD, or if it's something else within my hardware which is causing in the issue. Perhaps the SATA cables?

Anyway, today I've been playing around with the computer, swapping the SATA cable into different ports on the MB and then I ran into an issue where the computer would just constantly blue screen on start up. I somehow fixed that but then restarted again and neither of my two monitors would display anything.

After a while, they started working again and I finally got onto the PC, to find out that I couldn't connect to the internet using wired nor wireless connections. Whereas my phone, fire stick and laptop would happily make a wired connection to the network.

I attempted to reset the drive, and windows does the first part, and then restarts and the screens stay blank?

I have a new set of SATA cables coming tomorrow and ANOTHER HDD, but would there be anything else within the computer causing these issues? Perhaps a broken PSU or MB?

Appreciate any help, sorry for long post :)

  darkchocolat 19:29 12 Feb 2019

update: Plugged one monitor into gpu via a vga and its showing a picture. So it seems that just my display ports on the mb arent working? Do I need a replacement?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:19 12 Feb 2019

On board often will not work when a gpu is physically plugged into the graphics slot.

What are the blue screen codes?

  darkchocolat 20:30 12 Feb 2019

@Fruit Bat /\0/\ cant remember all of the stop codes they varied each time, one being critical service exception, one being about memory management and a few more? I reinstalled windows and it's been running fine for the last hour with internet connection? I'll still replace the HDD and sata cables and hope for the best I guess :)

  HondaMan 08:02 13 Feb 2019

Unplug all usb external devices and restart the computer, not windows, but the computer - a hard start and see what happens. If it starts OK then plug the external devices in one at a time.

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