Various .dll errors and system restore won't work

  Dipso 21:45 08 Mar 2004

I don't know where to start. OS is Windows ME.

I have been getting Kernel32.dll errors in various applications.

Ddraw.dll file cannot start when trying to load a game.

An MMsystem.dll error

and to top it all, system restore won't work.

Where do I start? I have already reinstalled a corrupted display adapter in order to get the display working properly.

I have looked at the individual errors (I know ddraw.dll is to do with Direct X) and possible solutions but don't know the best way to go about correcting everything, if indeed it is possible.

Is this beyond repair. Should I start with a clean reinstall?

I would appreciate any advice.

  VoG II 21:51 08 Mar 2004

Restart, go into BIOS and set CDROM as first boot device.
Restart with Windows CD in the drive and follow the instructions to install Windows over itself.

Better still, upgrade to XP.

  Dipso 22:00 08 Mar 2004

The PC was not supplied with a Windows disc or Reload CD (Time). I have the ME cabs on a bootable CD, is this any use?

I would install XP but it is a low spec machine.

  spanneress 22:34 08 Mar 2004

I can let you borrow my <ahem> 'backup' ME disc if you need? which version are you running?

  Dipso 20:58 09 Mar 2004

Is the bootable cabs CD I have no good for the repair?

  sattman 22:41 09 Mar 2004

The bootable cabs will not allow you to install Windows ME over itself.

Unfortunately as far as I can remember you have to have the original ME CD as reinstall checks Product ID.

  Dipso 12:29 10 Mar 2004

I have the original product key. If I can't install Win ME over itself, can I format and reinstall with it, or can I not do that for the same reason you stated?

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:35 10 Mar 2004

Think your problem is the display drivers only thing i can suggest is remove them boot and add the vga driver windows finds then upgrade them.The Ddraw.dll although dx uses em your card driver utilizes them and i think that where the error is comming from,Can u try the dxdiag and see what that says.What version dx have u got.You could also try lowering acceleration on the card see if that helps.


  Dipso 13:02 10 Mar 2004

I have already had to remove and reinstall the display drivers, as when I was first given the PC to look at, it would only load a basic display. I still get the errors after doing this.

I was going to try and reinstall DirectX but as there were other problems I wondered whether it would be easier to just repair or reinstall. If you think everything (including the failure of system restore to function) could be related, I will continue along the display drivers route.

There were errors coming up when I tried dxdiag, I am at work so can't give exact error details at the moment, I will check tonoght. I will also check which version of DirectX and check the acceleration on the card as you suggest.

  Dipso 22:19 10 Mar 2004

I reinstalled DirectX 8 and most of the problems seem to have been resolved, (all tests OK in dxdiag), except there was no sound.

I removed the sound device and reinstalled it, still no sound and the ddrw.dll and kernel32 errors have returned!! Thought I was getting somewhere.

Will have to have a rethink and a good nights sleep and will have another go tomorrow.

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