Various BSODs Appearing Somewhat Randomly

  ToasterBurns 21:58 31 Jan 2018

For about 2 weeks now I've had BSODs (blue screens of death) causing my computer to restart. I've seen 3+ error messages attached to them, and the only trend I've seen is that it seems to happen more often when watching videos.

I have tried looking through drivers, I updated my BIOS (which fixed another issue I was having, most likely a separate one), and I have checked out the RAM, SSD and hard drive to a certain degree but the problem persists.

The only thing I can think of that has changed recently (around the time of the first crash) was my router, but I can't understand why that would lead to crashes. I may test whether or not it crashes without an internet connection (I use ethernet, as my computer doesn't have a wireless adaptor), although as I said I'm relatively sure it's unrelated.

I can provide specs if it's useful, and the 2 stop codes I remember are listed below: UNEXPECTEDSTOREEXCEPTION CRITICALPROCESSDIED

A (possibly separate) error screen which sometimes pops up on a black screen when booting up my PC says:

>Checking Media Presence. >Media Present...... >Start PXE over IPv4

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:11 01 Feb 2018

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