varied description of USB memeory stick

  MIke 09:30 17 Apr 2010

Here's an interesting one.

I have an Integral USB memory stick, which is partitioned into two. One partition is 1.44Mb and acts like a floppy disc, and shows up as a floppy in windows, the rest of the drive shows up as a normal USB memory drive. The floppy part has a program for encrypting the data on the rest of the drive.

I'm using win 7 Home premium on both my desktop and laptop.

On the descktop under printers and devices it shows as a USBDISCPRO which is the correct description and has a a hard drive icon associated with it when looking under DEVICES and PRINTERS.

However when I insert the same memory stick in my laptop, the description of the drive is not USBDISCPRO but

'OPEN*some chinese characters*4GBWINDOWS7*More chinese characters* and the icon displayed is a cartoon style icon of what looks like a cherub with blue wings, closed (dare I say slitty)eyes and a rainbow over its head!!

Ive scanned my laptop for any nasties using malwarebytes but can't find anything. The drive functions correctly on both computers.

All my other USB drives show the correct descriptions and icon on my laptop. so what's going on?

I've formatted the USB stick but it's made no difference.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:36 17 Apr 2010

laptop not set to boot from floppy therefore does not recognise drive?

  MIke 11:15 17 Apr 2010

Hi fruitbat

Not sure about that as my desktop doesn't have a connection on Motherboard for a floppy even!

In (My) Computer it shows as Floppy Disc Drive A
And USBDISCPRO for the Remainder with correct icons on both laptop and desktop, it's only under remove hardware safely and devices and printers it shows as the cherub icon with the description of OPEN chinese etc. and only on laptop. It's bugging me! Where did the cherub come from???? can't see any icons on the USB stick.

  MIke 07:19 18 Apr 2010


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