Vanishing Files and Shortcutss!?!?

  Ellie3009 15:56 02 Sep 2003

I am posting this enquiry relating to a friends computer, fortunately not my own.
Therefore, please do not berate me when I mention a certain P2P application beginning with K!!!

The problem is as follows...
Computer is a Medion, about 1600 Mhz, 40Gb HD's, running win XP.
My friend turns on his computer one day, and realises that half his desktop icons are missing.
On further investigation he also discovers that all his music files, some downloaded from KazARGH! some recorded off CD's have also vanished, despite being contained in several different folders. Not only that, Lotus Wordpro has also decided to do a bunk.

A search of the HD for Wav/MP3/WMA files brings up nothing, and the same for Wordpro, so the files don't appear to be hiding somewhere.
A viruscheck with an updated AV scanner also shows nothing.

My friend told me that the night before they vanished, he was using the PC when there was a powercut. Could this have something to do with it?
And given that this happened several weeks ago, and that it has been used a lot since, are the files likely to be recoverable? And if so... how?

Thanks in advance,

  Ellie3009 18:03 02 Sep 2003


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