vanishing cursur

  linski 18:26 21 Jan 2003
  linski 18:26 21 Jan 2003

Hi, i purchased a pc from pc world 4 wks ago and i have had problems from day 1. The cursur keeps vanishing when it does this you can see things highlighted but there is no arrow to show you where to go,and if you are typing or playing music the pc freezes. I am at my wits end with this problem i have had it back for repair 3 times to which they tell me there is not a problem.It is most annoying as this problem doesnt appear everyday so when it has been in for repair they havent found a problem.They do tell me that it could b atmospheric but ive had a pc for years and never come across a problem like this hope u can help thanx

  Forum Editor 18:53 21 Jan 2003

Are you seriously telling me that someone at PC World tried to make you believe that your mouse pointer/cursor could be vanishing because of atmospheric conditions?

I think it will help to get the facts clear on this:

1. You say the cursor vanishes, but that you are able to highlight text - is that correct?

2. What software are you in when this happens - is it MS Word?

3. Am I right in thinking that the mouse pointer is vanishing as well. Does this happen when you are not in the Word processor, in other words does it happen randomly?

4. When the mouse pointer vanishes the PC freezes - is that what happens?

5. Does anything else happen, or is that it?

6. As you bought the computer four weeks ago I assume it's running Windows XP Home, is that right?

7. Have you installed any new software or hardware since you bought the computer?

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