Vanished Adobe flash

  geedad 22:25 17 Jul 2008

My friend's PC.
Cannot find Adobe Player to find out the version number.
Looked in 'Control Panel' - not there!
Must be there because it suggests upgrading!
Is it OK to start the upgrade?
In my own experience an upgrade is chargeable, and an update is not!
Is there another way to find the "missing" software,besides Control Panel and Search?


  Technotiger 22:32 17 Jul 2008

Go to Control Panel>Add/Remove programs - in the list that appears you should see Adobe Flash Player, highlight it and then click on 'Click here for support information' you will then see the version number etc.

  geedad 22:40 17 Jul 2008

Sorry, Technotiger. I did state that "Adobe" was not to be seen in "Control Panel", therefore the ver. no. could not be located, hence my posting.
I thought there was another way..........?
Thanks, nevertheless.

  MCE2K5 22:51 17 Jul 2008

Try this, In Internet Explorer, Click Tools, Manage Add-ons, Enable or Disable Add-ons, See if Shockwave Flash Object is in there 'Flash9f.ocx' Under File.

  Quiet Life 23:49 17 Jul 2008

The upgrade is free. If Adobe is looking to upgrade you have not got the latest version.

  geedad 00:50 18 Jul 2008

Quiet Life
Thanks all. It looks like an upgrade is possible.

  geedad 12:54 18 Jul 2008

Quiet Life
Just a thought. I myself have had a couple of "upgrades/updates" to version 10. So perhaps Adobe are using UPGRADE as opposed to UPDATE to existing users? ?

  Technotiger 13:30 18 Jul 2008

I did state that "Adobe" was not to be seen in "Control Panel", .......

quite, but did you look in Add/Remove Programs? which is where it should be listed and where you can find the Version number.

  geedad 19:47 18 Jul 2008

Yes! not there!
However, I haven't hands on access to my friends PC, but Adobe are suggesting an upgrade, so it MUST be there!
Upgrades are usually charged for, whereas updates are not, but 'Quiet Life' states that the upgrade is free, so we will press on!
Thanks again,

  rdave13 20:05 18 Jul 2008

Flash player is free. Have a look here; click here it will show you the way to uninstall, reboot and then reinstall. New version is still beta I believe.

Shockwave; click here

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