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Value for money new laptop

  tonyq 13:38 28 Oct 2014

Hi all, my son who is a teacher is on the look out for a reasonable spec new laptop in the £400-£500 price range,(£400preferred). Both he and myself have had Samsung laptops in the past and been highly satisfied with them, but I believe they are no longer producing them any more.

Your thoughts on the following please, although slightly out of price range. click here are there better Value for money new laptops around?


  spuds 11:13 29 Oct 2014

If you look at Dell, then you might find a rather checkered past. Look around a great number of hospital's, authority establishments and Dell as or at least did have a very good presence.

I dealt with Dell for a number of years, because the benefits were mutual on the promotional or clearance bulk purchases I was able to make with them. That relationship came to a rather abrupt end, when the Dell sales team refused to honour a discount code I was party to. Dell have tried to get me back on their side, but through that one bitter, unexpected and unnecessary experience Dell lost a customer. Their loss or mine, it doesn't matter, its unimportant now.

  tonyq 13:39 20 Nov 2014


He finally decided which laptop, Toshiba Satellite L50t-B-12R Laptop, Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 1TB, 15.6" Touch Screen, from John Lewis. Thank you all once again for your help/advice.

  sunnystaines 15:34 20 Nov 2014

john bunyan just bought one of those thosiba's same model well impressed with it so far.

  john bunyan 10:17 21 Nov 2014

sunnystaines , tonyq

I think it is a good PC for the money - hope you like it. I adjusted the partitions on my old laptop when I got it as I like to keep the OS and programmes on a separate partition from data as I find it quicker to back up the data with Freefilesynch than with an imaging programme. Toshiba does come with a bit of "bloatware"

  tonyq 11:53 21 Nov 2014

john bunyan

looks like the same laptop as yours, the only difference being is that my sons as a touch screen. I set it up for him removing some of the bloat. First time I have dealings with Windows 8.1 Hoping it gets easier with practice! Will hopefully put documents ect on a new partition in the near future.

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