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Value for money new laptop

  tonyq 13:38 28 Oct 2014

Hi all, my son who is a teacher is on the look out for a reasonable spec new laptop in the £400-£500 price range,(£400preferred). Both he and myself have had Samsung laptops in the past and been highly satisfied with them, but I believe they are no longer producing them any more.

Your thoughts on the following please, although slightly out of price range. click here are there better Value for money new laptops around?


  spuds 13:49 28 Oct 2014

I recently purchased from Argos a Lenovo G700 which seems to have good reviews, making it worth consideration. The Argos website is down for maintenance, but the Amazon website provide the details and further reviews. click here

  tonyq 13:55 28 Oct 2014

Spuds, forgot to say 15" laptop. Lenovo G700 is 17.3-inch Laptop according to your link.

  john bunyan 14:00 28 Oct 2014

I like John Lewis as a supplier (2 years guarantee) and Toshiba as a brand. Here is one example (Toshiba Satellite L50-B-1JL Laptop, Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 1TB, 15.6", Red)(£499) Do check their website for many other makes.

J Lewis Toshiba

  The Kestrel 15:32 28 Oct 2014

This Asus laptop would fit your requirements and has decent reviews from users.

click here

  wee eddie 17:37 28 Oct 2014

Just because Samsung are dropping out of the European & UK Market does not mean that their machines will not carry all the usual Warranty Rights. It appears that they will carry on making Lappies but only for America, India and The Far East.

It the mean time it is likely that their machines will carry a discounted price as no one ever reads the whole article.

  tonyq 18:47 28 Oct 2014

Thank you all for your suggestions so far. Do any of you have or have had a Dell laptop?, just been looking on there site and you seem to get a good spec laptop for reasonable price. Having never thought about a Dell,would like your thoughts.

  tonyq 18:50 28 Oct 2014

Forgot the link to Dell site.

click here

  Ian in Northampton 19:14 28 Oct 2014

Personally, I think Dell make the best laptops going. I've never thought of them as particularly good value, though. I think of Dell as a 'top tier' laptop brand. Great kit, though.

  AroundAgain 21:35 28 Oct 2014

If you are thinking of a Dell laptop, their Outlet might be of interest.

This link will have different laptops on, depending on what's available at the time

  john bunyan 10:41 29 Oct 2014

My local repair shop favours Toshiba and Asus from the view of spares supply. Some criticise Dell's service, but I suspect you will look at vale and make a wise decision.

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