Value for money - help please

  Mr. Chips 09:24 31 Jul 2004

I currently have a Pentium II 2gighz processor using 512meg of RAM in an XP Home machine.

I am rendering video, which takes ages ... 4 hours for a 30 minute movie.

Would I be better-off increasing the processor speed (expensive) or the memory to 1 gig (not so expensive).

Any suggestions would be welcome

  GuyR 09:34 31 Jul 2004

RAM is the simplest way to speed up, but if doing video work etc, you also need a good video/graphics card with a high memory on it as well.

Ultimately though faster processor, large RAM, vid card, hard drive etc all help.

video editing is and always will be power/memory intensive

  Pesala 10:48 31 Jul 2004

A faster graphics card or faster cpu is needed. More RAM won't make any difference to this processor intensive task.

  jonnytub 10:58 31 Jul 2004

excellent metaphor!!

  Mr. Chips 13:14 31 Jul 2004

The video card is a Radion 9200
I have 200 meg hard drive 7200rpm

So its a CPU then, is it?

I forgot to say that the 4 hours included writing to DVD. (Which, using Pinnacle v9, I have out of sync sound issues .... like other users!)


  SEASHANTY 13:57 31 Jul 2004

Think I would give up and buy a standalone DVD recorder. It's a lot quicker for a start. Not to mention NO out of sync sound.

  Smiler 17:44 31 Jul 2004

(Which, using Pinnacle v9, I have out of sync sound issues .... like other users!)

Have you had a look here

click here

and here are a couple of threads:-

click here

click here

make sure the threads are shown from the start when opened if not click on the arrow next to the topic title at the top of the thread.

  Mr. Chips 18:15 31 Jul 2004


I have indeed seen these threads, in fact I started a couple! It is amazing how Pinnacle do not seem to want to acknowledge the problems.
I had 'upgraded' to Pinnacle fom Ulead .... but may go back down again :-( .... what a waste of money.

My question is still valid though, as I want to upgrade the PC in the most cost effective manner.

Thanks for your input.

  Smiler 10:35 01 Aug 2004

"The video card is a Radion 9200 I have 200 meg hard drive 7200rpm"
I hope you ment a 200GB hard driv e not 200MB. LOL

I have a radion 9000pro video card, 3 hard drives totalling 200GB 512MB ram and an Athlon 1.2GHz processor and it takes 7.5 hours to render and burn 1Hour of video.

From what I've read this is about right.
Have you made sure nothing else is running, which will cause the processor to take longer to render, while you're burning

  Mr. Chips 11:00 01 Aug 2004

I have broadband, and my Eudora Email package checks every minute, with Norton Firewall in place.

I am loath to disable the firewall, although I suppose I could pull the telephone lead from its socket during rendering.

I always seem to have a load of things in my taskbar. (18, I just counted them!).
I don't know why they install themselves into there ... do they run all the time. WHat would be the impact of removing them?

Another 512meg of RAM is £60 .... is this a useful investment?

Sorry for the inarticualte ramblings ... I am pushing keys while I am thinking.

  Mr. Chips 11:02 01 Aug 2004

P.S. talking about 200 meg odf drive ... I did mean 200 gig , .. really.
But I do remeber when I put my first 10 meg hard drive into my Apple ][.
Yes I am a pensioner!

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