Value for money - help please

  Mr. Chips 09:24 31 Jul 2004

I currently have a Pentium II 2gighz processor using 512meg of RAM in an XP Home machine.

I am rendering video, which takes ages ... 4 hours for a 30 minute movie.

Would I be better-off increasing the processor speed (expensive) or the memory to 1 gig (not so expensive).

Any suggestions would be welcome

  Mr. Chips 13:14 31 Jul 2004

The video card is a Radion 9200
I have 200 meg hard drive 7200rpm

So its a CPU then, is it?

I forgot to say that the 4 hours included writing to DVD. (Which, using Pinnacle v9, I have out of sync sound issues .... like other users!)


  Mr. Chips 18:15 31 Jul 2004


I have indeed seen these threads, in fact I started a couple! It is amazing how Pinnacle do not seem to want to acknowledge the problems.
I had 'upgraded' to Pinnacle fom Ulead .... but may go back down again :-( .... what a waste of money.

My question is still valid though, as I want to upgrade the PC in the most cost effective manner.

Thanks for your input.

  Mr. Chips 11:00 01 Aug 2004

I have broadband, and my Eudora Email package checks every minute, with Norton Firewall in place.

I am loath to disable the firewall, although I suppose I could pull the telephone lead from its socket during rendering.

I always seem to have a load of things in my taskbar. (18, I just counted them!).
I don't know why they install themselves into there ... do they run all the time. WHat would be the impact of removing them?

Another 512meg of RAM is £60 .... is this a useful investment?

Sorry for the inarticualte ramblings ... I am pushing keys while I am thinking.

  Mr. Chips 11:02 01 Aug 2004

P.S. talking about 200 meg odf drive ... I did mean 200 gig , .. really.
But I do remeber when I put my first 10 meg hard drive into my Apple ][.
Yes I am a pensioner!

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